Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Shall Wear Midnight

Could this possibly be the image for the cover of the new Terry Pratchett book I Shall Wear Midnight? All signs point to yes! About ten seconds after finishing Wintersmith, the third in Pratchett's popular Tiffany Aching series and the thirty-fifth Discworld book, I was clamoring for the next. Well this fall, that wait will be over. And as is the case when you're impatient like me, you tend to surf the net looking for any information you can... well tonight I stumbled on this gem. Bill Mayer, the artist behind the Wintersmith cover and the covers of the re-releases of Wee Free Men and A Hat Full of Sky happened to have this picture in his flickr stream... Sadly his website is under construction, so it's hard to find out any more corroborating evidence, though this was captioned: "New Terry Pratchett book cover!" Oh, I'm so happy to see this and can't wait to see what the British cover by Paul Kidby looks like, because, while I love this, it's heading in the fantasy headless torso direction like the previous Wintersmith cover, though the Nac Mac Feegles do help in that regard. Sadly Paul Kidby doesn't have anything up yet, but he is working on new covers for the first three books which will be re-issued when I Shall Wear Midnight comes out in September. Till then, I guess we must wait to find out if the rumors of Esk's reappearance are true... ah Terry, I wish you could write faster, but then a book a year is pretty awesome as it is.


I've been aching to read more about Tiffany Aching and the Feegles! I love the feegles, Daft Wully is my favorite. :)
Love the cover! Thanks for posting this!

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