Saturday, January 30, 2010

Emma Spotlight: Christina Cole

As the Emma Spotlight continues, we turn to one of the more dubiously happy couples in Hartfield... but still, perfectly suited.

Name: Christina Cole

First Impression: What A Girl Wants, as Caroline Bingley's (Anna Chancellor's) daughter in what I like to fondly call, the revenge of the Bingleys. They want Darcy, and they want him now! Ironic that Christina went on to play Caroline in Lost in Austen.

Lasting Impression: Hex... ah, you little show that had so much hype and then failed miserably to meet all expectations... odd that once Christina's character, Cassie, was murdered the show was steadily getting better and then was abruptly cancelled.

What else you've seen them in: Christina is one busy busy lady. From appearing in some of the top TV shows to the best miniseries: Foyle's War, Marple, Doctor Who, Poirot, Jane Eyre, He Knew He Was Right, Lost in Austen to name a few. She is also slowly building a name in films, from Miss Pettigrew Live for a Day to Casino Royale. When you see Christina's name attached, you know it's like a standard for quality, a real seal of approval.

Can't believe it's them: Totally hitting on Jemima Rooper's Amanda in Lost in Austen! Too, too perfect, plus nice to have the shoe on the other foot from what was happening on Hex.

Wish they hadn't: I often forget that it is her in What a Girl Wants so have a few minutes of happiness, till Amanda Bynes shows... worst actress EVER. Why couldn't Jonathan Pryce, Anna Chancellor and Christina killed her and dumped her in the Thames? So I wish she hadn't let Amanda Bynes live.

Bio: Totally awesome in everything. But my favorite might be riding a donkey in the new Emma...


Yes, she's great. I have the dvd He Knew He Was Right, I thought it was strange because she was on the cover of it, even though it's mostly about her sister and her husband! Weird. Anyway... :)

I think her and Hugh are the secondary characters, and almost more important, because despite how horribly wrong Louis and her sister's love went, they still want to try. They're the hope to balance the insane dispair.

Of course Hugh's sisters are awesome too, as is David Tennant. Oh man, I just love this series.

I loved her in "EMMA". She was brilliant as the busybody, Mrs. Elton.

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