Monday, October 1, 2018

Alexander Autumn

Back in 2007 two things happened that opened up new horizons for me with regard to my reading habits. I found Lauren Willig and I joined Goodreads. Lauren has easily become one of my favorite authors ever and because of my vocal love of her on Goodreads I found a plethora of like minded individuals who started recommending other authors to me. In fact one of my new friends was so insistent on another author they sent me the first book in the series, And Only to Deceive. And that, right there, was my first introduction to Tasha Alexander. Before the end of 2007 I was giving And Only to Deceive as a Christmas present and was thrilled to find her second book, A Poisoned Season, at the local library book sale. Since then my love of Tasha's writing and Lady Emily has only increased so while it was inevitable that I'd do a theme month praising this delicious historical mystery series instead I kind of feel like it should have happened sooner. In other words, it's about time for Alexander Autumn! It's about time to spend two, yes TWO months praising Lady Emily and all her adventures. So while it should have happened sooner, I hope that I can at least do it justice now. Here's to Alexander Autumn!


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