Thursday, January 7, 2010

Once More Thwarted By Shades of Grey

These shades of grey, not being the amazing book by Jasper Fforde, but the shades of grey cast by the looming clouds pregnant with another freakin' blizzard! So, due to weather beyond my control, I will not get to go to the event in Skokie that I've been planning on attending for the last month or more and was really looking forward too... Now let's contemplate a lovely world where I could control the weather... ah, I'd never miss an event due to "natural disaster" again and blizzards would only fall when I'm behind on homework... Also here's hoping that my friend who is attempting to get to Chicago has a safe, if long and arduous trip, and that Jasper has safe flights, and that someone comes to the event, despite the horrid weather, so that he won't feel the Midwest deserted him, we're just stranded... unavoidably detained by wind and weather. Now of course me mentioning the weather seems completely ironic and slightly doom laden when we talked back in December... sigh. Also don't forget to enter my giveaway to win Jasper's newest book, Shades of Grey. I might not have gotten to see him this time around, but the book is a wonderful glimpse into a world he has created, so not too heartbreaking a loss. Also here's a little fun webvert that was created for the book.


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