Friday, March 1, 2019

Going Gothic

My love of all things Gothic isn't going away anytime soon, so I figure, Going Gothic is here to stay. A permanent fixture during the blustery time of year when the snow melts and reveals all the secrets it's been hiding. Even though that can happen as late as May in Wisconsin, I am ever hopeful that it will be in March. What I love about the "umbrella" of the term Gothic is that so many books can fit under it, from romantic parody of the Gothic tropes, to all out horror, and everything in between, and yes, that is basically what you're getting this time around. A veritable cornucopia of Gothic goodness. Also here's hoping, knock on wood, that I do not have a whole bunch of health issues, including the worst cold I might have ever had, happen again this month so everything arrives on time instead of a few hours to a few weeks later... sorry Assassination Vacation, you will shortly have all your posts up. I think.  


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