Saturday, January 9, 2010

The BBC Brings Me a Ray of Sunshine!

So this weekend isn't the best weekend, it's kind of the last weekend... of my break that is. Come Monday morning I'll be schlepping myself and my books to school once more. You can tell the excitement in my voice I'm sure! Why couldn't the snow come on Monday not Thursday, when I was off to see Jasper? Cause that nice big bleak parking lot next to the airport is always so inviting and pleasant in winter, what with the snow and the ice, not to mention the wind! We can't forget that now can we? But the BBC knew of my impending doom and has brought me a little ray of sunshine, in the form of new episodes of two of my favorite shows! I knew Being Human was returning, and I've been hooked on Aidan Turner for awhile now... not that I'm going to spoil anything, but maybe check out my Pink Carnation dream casting tomorrow... also Russell Tovey! What's not to love, plus here's hoping his girlfriend dies! But, that's not all! The BBC has fulfilled a true dream... new Lark Rise to Candleford. I knew it was coming soon, but this soon!?! Nope, not a clue. Ah Laura, Dorcas, the Pratts, I have missed you all! So now I have something to look forward to every week! A little reward that will help me face that horribly cold parking lot every Monday morning. Here's to the BBC! PBS might let me down, but you never have!

Also, here's the Being Human trailer for those who are desperate and can't wait for tomorrow... why do they make those stateside wait till at least summer? I'll really never know, the ocean isn't that big!


So looking forward to more Being Human. One of my favourite British productions.

How are you going to watch this again? I want in.

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