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Pink Carnation Spotlight - The Supporting Players

Now just because I've finished casting my leading ladies (and gents), don't be thinking that I'm done! Oh no! What about all those supporting players? Well... I do have a few ideas, not as solidified as say my previous choices, I have given them some thought... so here goes... the
ensemble! You know, to tide you over, seeing as I'm sure you've read The Betrayal of the Blood Lily at least once by now (it's been out a week already) and Turnip's book feels quite a ways away...

Name/Role: Raymond Coulthard as Colin Selwick

The whys: Sure I first saw him in knee breeches in He Knew He Was Right, but it was his sweet country farmer on an episode of Love Soup that made me realize he might have been made for period dramas, but he would look damn good as a certain Colin Selwick!

Name/Role: Jeremy Swift as Amy's Brother Edouard

The whys: Ever since he played Amelia Sedley's put upon brother in Vanity Fair (the good one with Natasha Little, not the crappy Reese one) I've habitually cast him in similar roles in my reading. So why not just have him pop by and play some pomposity Napoleonic style?

Name/Role: Maggie O'Neill as Miss Gwen
The whys: For some reason I never picture Miss Gwen as old as she is, hence Maggie O'Neill seems perfect. She's not actually that old, but there's something about her that exudes age and a domineering personality that would indubitably thwack you with a parasol.

Name/Role: Geraldine James as Richard's Mother, Lady Uppington

The whys: She's been around forever in miniseries and there's something about her that is at once motherly, but at the same time you don't want to cross her. A will of iron. That scene in He Knew He Was Right when she goes and confronts Louis... that is the Lady Uppington I know and love.

Name/Role: Frances Barber as the Marquise

The whys: Because I've always pictured an older version of Natalie Dormer as the Marquise... and Frances Barber sure looks the part. As for kind of scary and domineering... have you seen her on Manchild?

Name/Role: Jamie Sives as Tommy

The whys: As first Lieutenant Summers in To the Ends of the Earth, I wanted him to be the hero... so wistful... and so Tommy. Plus his guest spot in Doctor Who wasn't bad either.

Name/Role: Ed Westwick as Medmenham

The whys: Laugh all you want, but Medmenham is so a 19th century Chuck Bass.

Name/Role: Rupert Penry-Jones as Freddy

The whys: Sure he might be getting older, but I can't think of anyone who has the pretty boy, slightly vacant charm that Rupert has. Plus he can be nasty when he needs to be. A great versatile actor for a great foppish role, seeing as you need someone with real acting prowess in order to appear that doltish and caddish.

Name/Role: William Beck as Fiske

The whys: Because he looks like a fish! I mean, great actor, wonderful in Northanger Abby, really surprised me in Robin Hood... but blah blah.. he's a fish.


Great job! I think most of them would be good. Do you mind if I tell you who I had thought of for some of them?
For Colin - Simon Baker. I can just totally see him as Colin. He's tall, and handsome. And Blond.
For Edouard - I always though Tom Hollander we portray him well. They both seam to have that...toady thing about them.
And for Tommy - Sam Worthington! Because he's just so nice to look at!! Lol. And he would make a great Tommy. Sorry for rambling. So are you going to do Eloise? I am curious who you would pick for her. And VERY curious who you would pick for Turnip. I'm probably kind of afraid that I'll be disappointed, seeing as Turnip is my absolute, total favorite character. But I'm sure you will pick someone awesome. (I not, i guess i can forgive you.) =)

Well, Tom Hollander in ANYTHING gets my vote. I like to think of him as the British Seth Green... in almost everything and always a treat. Simon Baker could also work, I wonder how his British accent is. Eloise... that's a hard one because she kind of part character part Avatar for the reader so I've never gotten a distinct lock on her. Turnip, preliminary stages of casting in my mind, but I'm so leaning towards Nicholas Rowe... I had beyond the biggest crush on him when I was younger from The Young Sherlock Holmes.

I can totally see him as Turnip. Once again, your casting skills amaze me! I feel like I'm being a nuisance, but I forgot to ask about one of the most important characters of the entire series...JANE! If you don't have anyone for her, or don't feel like answering, i would understand completely. I've already bothered you enough! Sorry!

Bother? Nuisance? NEVER! I love talking to people who a) love the same books as I do and b) when I mention some obscure British actor don't think I'm a little off with too much spare time on my hands. The thing is, it has taken years of hard study to get my knowledge base to where it is... that's if you call it hard watching lots of BBC miniseries :P

Jane, now Jane is a hard one. She has to be clever and funny and pretty but at the same time possess chameleonic abilities. I picture her as Paloma Baeza, who played Felix's little sister in The Way We Live Now and also Bathsheba in Far from the Madding Crowd... but it could change. I sometimes don't fully cast the characters till they become the stars, because you never fully know them till then.

Wow, Cassie, I totally agree that Simon Baker IS Colin! I never would have thought of it myself, but he is exactly how I picture Colin!

Can we pick Eloise?

Totally! I'd love to hear who you think would make a good Eloise! If I like it I might have to write up another profile... the "new" Miles is still to come at some point too...

YES!! A new Miles! Not that yours was terribly awful...but I just could not picture it. And I guess Eloise is kind of hard for me too. When I first started the series, I pictured Anne Hathaway, but not so much anymore...Someone had also recommended Rose Byrne, which I can sort of see.

Yeah, I could see Rose Byrne or Haley Atwell... there really are so many good actor out there!

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