Friday, January 22, 2010

Jane Austen's Emma

I'm sure everyone stateside is getting all ready for Sunday. What's Sunday you say? Well only the premiere of the new Emma starring Romola Garai and Johnny Lee Miller! Personally I think it's the best Emma yet, having extreme issues with the Andrew Davies one and some reservations about the Gwenneth Paltrow version. Romola is perfectly cast and Johnny Lee is surprisingly sexy. But in order to tide you over in your paroxysms of agitation of having to wait a few more days, PBS has put up a fun little quiz for those wanting to know how they'd be matchmade if they were to step amongst the inhabitants of Highbury. It was a fun quiz, though I'm sorry, I do not think that I am a match to Mr. Woodhouse! Just because I like to stay in and don't particularly like a loud party.... Knightly AT LEAST! That's all I'm asking... though funny how 0% had ended up with Elton... I think that, right there, says something, he can't even get a girl with a hypothetical online dating scenario. So head on over and tell me who they think you should end up with? Personally, choice of all Austen... Henry Tilney any day! But that's just me... how about you? Check out my polls in the sidebar... who is your dream Austen man?


I love Garai, so I'm definitely going to be checking this out... thanks for mentioning it!

I would like to see that! I didn't care much for the version with Gwenneth either! What time is it on? and is it on tv?(what else would it be on, lol)

PBS, this Sunday, check your local listings!

alright, thanks! Will do!!

I got Mr. Woodhouse, too! ARGH! But, it is Michael Gambon, so at least I'd be happy with him reading aloud to me.

Yeah, there is the Michael Gambon factor... but still!

I got Mr. Woodhouse too. There's going to be a catfight over him!

Thanks for mentioning this! I'll be looking out for it!

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