Sunday, January 31, 2010

Emma Spotlight: Blake Ritson

Name: Blake Ritson

First Impression: As the sweet Edmund who wins Billie Piper's heart in Mansfield Park.

Lasting Impression: Emma. Complete turn around, the sweet lovestruck Edmund was replaced with the smarmy, sleek, creepy... giving Mr. Collins a run for his money in his kiss assedness.

What else you've seen them in: Small roles here and there, but more notably a fixture among British mysteries, the likes of Lynley and Frost.

Can't believe it's them: Titus... icky icky, I feel unclean, I feel soiled. Memories I tried to bury are resurfacing... noooooo.

Wish they hadn't: The Bill... it's such a joke.

Bio: Making a name for himself as the Emo looking Edmund I was surprised that he actually had such depths to play the subtlety and smarm of Elton. I think we might just see a little bit more of him now that his depths are becoming apparent. It's not all about the looks! I didn't think he was attractive till he was slightly full of himself...


wow...he is handsome and swarmy too.

I love Blake Ritson! He is amazing as Edmund and watcing him as Elton made me hate Elton a little less as a character. :D

No. No one even comes close to Collins for kissassedness. No where near.
Plus, Collins looks and is creepy. Elton just is.
(Is that better? It sounded better, but really...)

Yes... true, but imagine what Blake Riston could do when he reaches David Bamber's age as Mr. Collins... the horror!

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