Friday, January 15, 2010

Beating Up the Nonce

So recently I had an urge to rewatch Life on Mars... could be a need for a John Simm hit, he is The Master afterall. Or could be the need for a Gene Hunt fix, Ashes to Ashes season three does seem a long way off... at least they only have two more episodes to film! But once again, I forgot how funny the Camberwick Green spoof was.

For those who don't know, it was a kind of crappy early animation show from England in the 60s, reminiscent of the crappy 80s animation Hattytown which aired on Nickelodeon's pinwheel... which now that I google it, was also from about the same time period, wow, talk about time warp...

I digress... anyway, seeing as I'm trapped inside with the cold winter wind blowing I tend to get in a crafty mood. I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have my own little Gene Hunt and Sam Tyler dolls... lucky for me someone already did a how to video. Enjoy!


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