Friday, January 22, 2010

A Surprise Announcement!

Ok, so I've really been wanting to announce this for a few weeks, proclaim it from hills, sing it from mountains, what have you... the hitch was I wanted to make sure it was happening. First weather intervened, then illness, thne the US Postal service was not up to their usual standard. But FINALLY! Today, in my mailbox was the thing I've been waiting for. As you hopefully all know I have a giveaway running till the end of the month for a copy of Jasper Fforde's new book, Shades of Grey. Well, if you look to my little side bar you'll notice a new word has been added, that word is "signed." That's right, thanks to "M" is for Mystery, you have a chance to win a signed first edition of Shades of Grey. So if you were waiting, for whatever reason, you have no excuses now! GO ENTER! Of course, if you'd like to stay, there's a lovely new video on the dangers of swans... you can always enter after you have been educated as to their dangers.


ooh, now I want to win this even more!

It rewards those who already entered and entices the new people!

ok, so just have to say that i watched the swan peril vid and its classic! Then, headed on over to the Jasper Fforde website, one can get lost in there for hours!

Hours? Easily! Days maybe. His website is just amazing. It has so many depths and extensions of his book worlds you wonder how he does it. The Toad News Network, Goliath, SpecOps, just unbelievable!

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