Saturday, June 1, 2019

A Hiatus Happening

So what is A Hiatus Happening, it means a hiatus is literally happening... I'm taking a little break from blogging. And by little I mean I'll be back next June. I promise! I already have theme months planned! As you curse and gnash your teeth over the semantics that a "little break" shouldn't be as long as a year, consider this blog is ten, so I'm only taking like a ten percent break... I've kept this blog going for ten years with all the upheavals life has thrown at me and I thought, what with more life changes on the way, taking a step back for awhile would be the best for my sanity and my sleep schedule. Plus I kind of want to dive into whatever book I feel like without regard to any schedule and read new books right when they come out, which my blog prevents me from doing as often as I'd like. But this doesn't mean my blog is disappearing into the ether, in fact I'll technically still be blogging... I'll still be doing my "Tuesday Tomorrow" posts, as well as reviews of new books by favorite authors, there's a new Lauren Willig and Lisa Lutz coming out this year after all! And I can't skip January's best reads of 2019... So it's kind of like the blog is going on the back burner to simmer to only come back sweeter next year. I will still be on social media discussing books on Twitter and Goodreads, with Instragam being fifty-fifty with regards to the book/food ratio. So feel free to keep in touch. Until next year!     


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