Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spotlight: Philip Glenister

Name: Philip Glenister

First Impression: William Dobbin in Vanity Fair, when he hits his head on that lamp in the entryway.

Lasting Impression: Life on Mars, season 2, episode 7. Could I be anymore specific? I don't think so. But it's the episode where Gene Hunt is wrongly accused of a crime. It made me realize for the first time that this was really Gene Hunt's show and Sam, well... he didn't matter so much. My love of Gene Hunt is not unique, they so made Ashes to Ashes just for him, despite Keeley Hawes being the "big name."

What else you've seen them in: Besides being featured on my blog before... From losing life and limb in Cranford while educating the local youths, to Hornblower to more modern works, like Calendar Girls with Helen Mirren and State of Play with his Life on Mars co-star John Simm. Philip Glenister has been around for quite awhile, but it took a little Gene Genie to get this man some well deserved recognition.

Can't believe it's them: He looks so little in Hornblower, but then all those big named stars who started out here did... Jamie Bamber, Ioan Gruffudd.

Wish they hadn't: Demons... a Buffy-esque show with Mackenzie Crook where he donned a bad American accent... best just to forget about this one for all involved.

Bio: I love me my Gene Hunt! Plus is it just me or has he aged into his looks more?


A great wrap up of Philip Glenister's career so far! He's my favourite living actor. First noticed him in Life on Mars and was starting to like Gene. Yes the ep where he was accused of Murder helped a lot. Then I saw Philip in Cranford and I WAS SOLD! Cranford is what really made me a Phil fan forever. Love Mars and Ashes, but another brilliant performance is as Dougie Molloy in 'The Stepfather'.
Did you know that Dobbin losing his hat was actually an accident due to Philips height? The cast fell about laughing and the Director decided to keep it in!
I like how even tho Hobbs in Hornblower is nasty character, thats based on his loyalty to his old captain, and Hobbs is not above showing him tenderness and even love . That redeems Hobbs for me.

I must be the only one to like 'Demons`! Perhaps because I've not seen Buffy or anything like that to compare it with. I took Demons for what I thought it was supposed to be-fun (with a sprinkle of serious personal issues for the characters). Liked all the characters (except the dozey Mother). Phil's accent seemed fine to me but I accept that as an Aussie, I'm not really equipped to judge. I consider myself generally a good judge of drama, comedy etc. But maybe in Demons I was just blinded by my liking of Phil. And I must say, to me, he looked GORGEOUS in every scene! Re Philip's changing looks, I recently saw some clips on Youtube of Phil in 1997 in Roger,Roger. He was very sweet in a gangly, skinny boyish way. But yes, age does become him. I prefer the middle-aged Phil, in the 'looks's' department. Thanks again!

Oh and don't forget Phil as Mack in 'Clocking Off'. I recommend it.

Sorry! Me again. Interesting you say that Phil looked smaller as Hobbs. It appears Phil is a tall and biggish fellow in reality. But I've also noticed how you don't notice that in some of his characters.
Dobbin for instance looks just average height to me. Not particularly tall or 'out there'. Whereas Gene Hunt seems tip-top tall and big-chested and towers over everyone else. It's brill how Phil can use presence, character and acting skills to create comletely opposite illusions even as to his characters physical appearance. You can do a lot with makeup, expression, clothes, voice etc. But to change the appearance of one's natural height or shape seems remarkable. In his ability to transform himself so well,Phil reminds me of Robert de Niro.

The hat thing cracks me up! I remember him talking about it on that histroy of the costume drama special. I'm so happy to have a fellow Philip Glenister gusher... there's only so much friends can take! I agree there's a De Niro-esqueness about him in his ability to fully embody his characters, just watching the Life on Mars extras it's so not Gene Hunt, the voice is even different. Such amazing presence, I hope the rumor going around that he might be the new showrunner for Midsomer Murders when John Nettles leaves is true. He would be amazing, plus then I won't be grumbling all the time saying why didn't they just bring Troy back.

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