Saturday, January 30, 2010

Could I Not Just Have One Good Thing in My Life?

Yes you can! Great News for Paranormal Fans! Being Human has been renewed for a third season! Piers Wenger, the lovely producer of Doctor Who and Sarah Jane, as well as the current head of Drama at BBC Wales announced yesterday that Being Human will be back. This is good news for fans, who in a few short weeks, will be going through withdrawal as the second season comes to a close. Being a huge fan of the show, this is good news and comes just at the right time, mainly after the second season's third and best episode. This season got off to a rocky start with our favorite werewolf, vampire and ghost involved in their own little dramas of girlfriends, vampire coup repercussions and gainful employment for the deceased, without realising the threat of some unknown scientific institution that was brought to their existence by Owen at the end of the first season. But thankfully, by episode three, it was back on track. It wasn't anything major, just a subtle shift wherein the characters acknowledged their growing separation and called a house meeting. This also resulted in the funniest scene ever in the show. I can't do it justice, so here it is in it's entirety thanks to YouTube (don't worry, no spoilers).


I haven't seen the episode yet (have it, just not had a moment for it), but I'm DYING over that scene! In absolute HYSTERICS! No seriously, my gut hurts. Stop it. Please.

I so want to see this series..

Series two has not aired yet in the states. I should look to see when it starts. I am a huge fan of the series and want to see it continue. I just wish we here across the pond could see them when you do. Then we could talk all about our three favorite "monsters".

I think it's going to air this summer, if not sooner. Hopefully it will soon be like Torchwood and Doctor Who with barely a gap between the countries.

I don't want to hear it. I have to *cough* obtain my episodes online, because we don't having Being Human. I have yet to see a single episode of Season 2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaant.

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