Monday, January 4, 2010

Good News for Spellman Fans!

Well, hopefully by now you've encountered the Spellman Clan. They are one of my most favorite fictional families. If not... well, lets just say by mid March when their fourth book comes out you will have been inundated by me so that you'll feel they are your family. But this post, besides just showing the Spellman's some love, is mainly to pass along this little bit of news with regards to the rumors of this being the final Spellman book. Direct from the author herself, Lisa Lutz says:

"Word on the street is that the fourth Spellman book (out in March) will be the last. That's news to me. While it is true that I have been working on other projects, I have no official plans to end the series just yet. Although I won't be spelling the alphabet in Spellman books. That's for sure. Happy New Year!!!"

Enjoy the happy feeling that comes when your realize something you thought was over is indeed alive and well! Also look for several Spellman themed giveaways in the coming months... yes, I've been hoarding, but it's all for you!


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