Sunday, January 24, 2010

Emma Spotlight: Johnny Lee Miller

And Every matchmaker must have their match. Here's Emma's in the guise of Johnny Lee Miller.

Name: Johnny Lee Miller

First Impression: Trainspotting, duh!

Lasting Impression: Oddly enough Plunkett & Macleane, which I remember being so excited about, when really, it was so not worth getting excited about. Plus how bad was that soundtrack? It was even more jarring than A Knight's Tale, which somehow gets by on it's campiness.

What else you've seen them in: From big budget movies like Aeon Flux, to BBC period pieces like Canterbury Tales, to plain old British and American TV shows from Eli Stone to Inspector Morse, Johnny Lee Miller has been there and done that... having even been married to Angelina Jolie at one point.

Can't believe it's them: No freakin' way! He was on an episode of Keeping Up Appearances? That's just too too funny. Of course there's also The Bill and EastEnders as well!

Wish they hadn't: Mansfield Park due to my own personal hatred of everything to do with this adaptation. Don't bother trying to convince me otherwise, many have tried, many have failed. Johnny himself couldn't change my mind... though he is welcome to stop by and try.

Bio: Despite being in film and television for years it wasn't until the smash success of Trainspotting that he finally got real recognition. In recent years he's been on several failed American television shows and has recently gone back to the BBC, which I am very happy to see, it's great whenever he comes back, from Byron to Emma, he's a welcome sight.


LOVE him. Loved that "Mansfield Park," too... as you well know! But you forgot "Hackers!" Campy, but I dig that film! He really is rather delicious.

It just hit me, he was Eli Stone! LOL How funny!!! Loved him in Emma and in Eli Stone. :) I seriousley didn't realise he played Mr.Knightley.

But I was counting on you mentioning Hackers :P Which is totally good campy fun. Yeah, his American Accent is surprisingly good so he worked well as Eli Stone.

Love me some Johnny Lee (or is it Jonny?)! I'm watching Emma tonight at midnight here in Nashville. And, I know you said you hate it, but I love that version of Mansfield Park! Also, I agree with your take on Plunkett and Macleane...even Liv Tyler (and the rest) couldn't save that one. LOL!

Ohman, I used to LOVE him! I was sort of Obsessed after Mansfield Park and Hackers.
I've really got to watch the new Emma

Saw Johnny in BBC series 'Bryron' as Bryron. He was magnif!

Byron was another great Johnny performance. Only problem? It was too short! They could have easily made it longer.

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