Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Your Favorite Books Brought to Life - Christmas with the BBC

Grab a seat and a cup of eggnog as the BBC brings us some wonderfully cheery shows for the holidays. Also because sarcasim can't be typed... that was sarcastic, marginally. I'm really looking forward to this seasons viewings with David Tennant as Hamlet and the new adaptation of The Turn of the Screw... but happy these ain't. They are bordering more on the awkward family get-togethers where old family films are shown and then feuds are revived and all hell breaks loose. Hopefully the ladies of Cranford will add some balance to what would otherwise be a dramatically bleak holiday season. That said... I can't wait! To tide you over to Christmas Eve, here are the trailers for the BBC... they're hoping to light up your season... I think they don't get irony either... unless one of the Addams family was writing the press release... in which case, yes, cheery holiday fare with the Bard and evil incarnate! Also what exactly is Eddie Izzard in? Never mind, The Day of the Triffids it is... see happy! In that disaster film sort of way.


I laughed HARD at the "light up your Christmas" coming on the screen after those two downer scenes. Classic humor! The other ad, just those glimpses of The Doctor, made me SOOOO happy!! Oh, and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet? Double heaven there! Woohooooo!

Are they going to be showed on BBC 1 and 2??? Please say yes. I only can recieve those two here in Holland. :)

In fact I think they're all on BBC 1, so you should be good as gold!

Really looking forward to the Hamlet, I ordered the dvd from the RSC a while ago but it is only released on the 4th of Jan, oh well something to look forward to. And Can't wait for the Dr Who, loved John Simm as the Master. And Turn of the Screw, excellent. Thanks for posting the trailers.

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