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Pink Carnation Spotlight: Richard Cant (Miles Dorrington)

Firstly I need to state this, I know you all will hate the casting I've done of Miles. I admit it upfront and I will take full punishment, but perhaps you will waive said punishment if I say this is not my fault, it's Richard Cant's fault, or maybe my subconscious', who knows, anyway, I didn't mess this up on purpose, it just happened. For some reason, reiterated below, he's Miles in my head. Richard Cant is kind of a goofy British character actor who can't leave my brain (can't/Cant haha). He somehow wormed his way in as Miles and he's there. I try to recast but my subconscious is embracing the feeling I have of hating recasts... like the four Garys and Valenes on Dallas or the newer recast of Victoria in the Twlight Saga... I hate recasts and therefore Richard Cant is there to stay... in my head... so now I pose to you a challenge! Find someone better! Tell me who your dream actor is for Henrietta's nearest and dearest and I will post the one I deem the winner mid week. So start throwing out the Henry Cavill and Richard Armitage level men and I will do a much deserved post on that hottie. The Masque of the Black Tulip deserves the best and my mind doesn't want that, it wants Richard.

Name: Richard Cant

"Dream" Character Casting for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: Miles Dorrington

First Impression: Dennis Rainbird on Midsomer Murders. He and Elizabeth Spriggs made the pilot of Midsomer Murders an episode never to be beaten... and given the quality of the show that's saying something. They even brought them back almost ten years after their first episode, not an easy feat for two characters brutally murdered.

Why they'd be the perfect actor for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: First, let me state, that for some reason, Richard Cant got into my head and won't leave. I fully admit, while a fabulous actor, he's not the "dream" Miles, in any way really. But he won't leave, so there you have it!

Lasting Impression: Adolphus "Dolly" Longestaffe in The Way We Live Now. Too funny and too perfect, now I wish they'd get on that Pallisers adaptation so we can have Richard Cant back as Dolly!

What else you've seen them in: From his great turn as the droll Dolly in The Way We Live Now, to the mercurial butler of Lady Dedlock in Bleak House, to the mysterious grandson of Sally Sparrow's best friend in Doctor Who, he has created a perfect triumvirate... even if he has done many other things.

Can't believe it's them: He was in Vicar of Dibley!?! I gotta go look this up, can imdb be right? I think I'd remember...

Wish they hadn't: Did he really have to be on The Bill like every other British actor ever in the history of the world!?! It's a joke on Extras for a reason.

Bio: While not the most prolific of actors, his droll facial expressions and sarcastic wit make him a joy to behold wherever he decides to grace our screen. He is also the prime reason for me dreaming of a Pallisers adaptation, because any reason to see him as Adolphus Longestaffe again is a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say.


No idea who he is, sorry! :)

For some reason, I've always thought of Simon Woods (Bingley in P&P 2005) as Miles. And like you, it's a casting I can't shake and can't recast!

And this picture just gives me an image of floppy locks of hair...and what would Miles be without them?

Becks7! I like your thinking! I was watching Cranford the other day and thinking that he would be a good substitute! He might be the new Miles...

As I was reading it, my Miles was Marc Blucas----not a Brit, I know, but big, burly, and floppy-haired, with a great smile. Sweet and earnest. And as you've said about your choice, I just can't shake him.

Yikes! While Marc actually was good in I Capture the Castle, he was, by far, the worst of Buffy's boyfriends, and I can never take him seriously... he needs someone to reinvent his image, STAT.

I know, I know... I'm a Spike girl myself, but I do think Riley was screwed from the start---after Angel and then Buffy's bad early college dating attempts, he was doomed to be the nice-guy-rebound. But I still think that Marc's cute, and my Miles. Can't help it!

Yeah, Riley was doomed... I was wacthing season 1 of Castle last night and Riley's buddy Graham was on, Baily Chase, now there's a sexy man.

Oooh, I'll have to check him out!

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