Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pink Carnation Spotlight: Natalie Dormer (Mary Alsworthy)

We now move to one of my most favorite books in Lauren's Pink Carnation series... The Seduction of the Crimson Rose. Notable to me for the wonderfully snarky couple of Mary and Vaughn. They are too perfect for each other and too above the rest of the rabble to notice those lesser men and women who get inveigled in the spy game.

Name: Natalie Dormer

Dream Character Casting for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: Mary Alsworthy

First Impression: As that little upstart, Anne Boleyn on The Tudors, trying to mess with Natalie from The Commitments.

Why they'd be the perfect actor for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: Just look at her! I mean, she is totally the character of Mary. Can't you see her and Vaughn snidely commenting on those around them with an arc smile?

Lasting Impression: She stared in one of the only good episodes of Marple since Geraldine McEwan was booted... I miss Geraldine, but Natalie did a great job as a psycho.

What else you've seen them in: Most known for playing Anne Boleyn in The Tudors, I think she'll now have a bit more free time, now that she's all headless. She was also on an episode of Rebus, but seeing as it was post John Hannah, I haven't seen it. I'm sorry, that was so John Hannah's show!

Can't believe it's them: Casanova... the Heath Ledger version, not the David Tennant version. Otherwise known as, I'm not surprised I missed her because this movie bored me to death and have an apparent mental block to all things dealing with this film.

Wish they hadn't: Gone blond... tough I think she might be blond and gone black for The Tudors... but still, she looks better with black hair... hence why she's perfect for Mary.

Bio: Despite detractors, I think she was awesome as Anne Boleyn, and think that we are just beginning to see what she's capable of!


I think she would be perfect for the role of Mary! She is just perfect for it, excellent choice.

Yeah, I think she would be lovely!

I havent read the book, but i saw her on the tudors and thought she was great! :)

I didn't really like Mary all that much, but I totally agree with you. She looks dead-on what I thought Mary would look like (with the dark hair of course!).

I could totally see her as Mary! Good choice!

She looks exactly the way I pictured Mary! Great choice!

OMG, I would have never thought of her in the role, but she's perfect. She's very good at acting conniving in the Tudors, and yet you still want to root for her. Perfect casting

Natalie Dormer would make a GREAT Mary. I think she and James Purefoy would be wonderful as Vaughn and Mary...I can see it now!

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