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Pink Carnation Spotlight: James Purefoy (Lord Vaughn)

Now to that most surly of men... is he good... is he bad... do we really care? Bring on Lord Vaughn!

Name: James Purefoy

Dream Character Casting for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: Sebastian, Lord Vaughn

First Impression: Mansfield Park... why did they have to kill him!?! WHY! Just... oh, I can't get started on how I hate this film again... one of the reasons? James Purefoy dies!

Why they'd be the perfect actor for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: Could there be another actor out there who can do haughty humor while looking drop dead sexy? Plus did you see how great he looks in Regency clothes?

Lasting Impression: A Knight's Tale, so cute as the King... he was the King right? Prince? Whatever, he was cool while wearing hot furs, the plot, eh, not so important.

What else you've seen them in: Ah... Rome anyone? Also... you really see all of him if you get my drift. From films to television, he's willing to star in and easily adapts from Bronte to Austen, from Cambridge to Comics... He's not one of those stars, who once they hit the big screen, won't go back to the small. Personally I'll watch him in anything, from Solomon Kane to The Philanthropist... of course that was sadly canceled.

Can't believe it's them: Bedrooms and Hallways... just watch it and see. Plus a whole new way that Margaret Thatcher has been debased in the popular media, and rightfully so.

Wish they hadn't: Left V for Vendetta, I love this movie, but his voice and body over Hugo Weavings, yes please, any day! But there's more, I have many Purefoy regrets... WHY did he do that awful Mansfield Park and WHY did he do Maybe Baby!?!? But then again, an actor so prolific, is bound to do crap every once in awhile... like that atrocious Vanity Fair... did they understand Becky is supposed to be unlikable!?!

Bio: James is one of those actors who, after the first time you see them, you know you have to see more. You in fact get very angry when watching A Dance to the Music of Time, because for some reason the final episode recast him, and you're not having any of that, thank you! Sorry, personal grievance there... I have some issues to deal with.


At first, I didn't really like Lord Vaughn but he has grown on me a great deal! He's probably my third favorite guy in Lauren's series, behind Miles and Turnip of course! Anyway, I think that James would make an excelent Sebastian! Very nice choice!

Heck yes! I definitely agree with this one!

I would go with Mark Strong, although James Purfoy is not a bad pic.

Mark has that mysterious-hauty thing going on that is just needed for Vaughn more than James.

I think James would make a better Richard.

I've always thought Purefoy would make a great Lord Vaughn!

Rachel, I have Mark Strong issues, all releating to him being badly cast in Andrew Davis' Emma. I think he's gotten sexier with age (Stradust anyone!?! Plus I'm seeing him in Sherlock Holmes tonight) but I can't fancy him as my favorite male lead in the books!

I imagine Mark Strong as well when I'm reading the books. I liked his Mr. Knightley...

He was good in Sherlock Holmes, but not for my Vaughn, can't do it.

This is one of the wonderful things about books---one's own imagination! Your Vaughn is yours and mine is mine, and we're all happy. :-)

Totally!!! The fact that we can have these wonderful images in our head from a great book. As the author Jasper Fforde says, it's the readers who do some of the amazing work of writing by being able to create this little films in our head. Plus with a plethora of all these great actors, it's fun!

James Purefoy's Tom Bertram DID NOT die in the 1999 version of "MANSFIELD PARK".

Must have been wishful thinking on my part.

I love you James. I wish you could have given me a kiss.

Second that Caroline! In my dreams every night though!

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