Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advancements in Technology

So, my blog is all about the embracing of new technologies and the melding of old and new. How else could you really categorize the internet plus the bookworld other than the two coming together in a wonderful new form. Which is also in essence what a Kindle is, the written word, but written by electronic ink. So in an effort to be more inclusive in my blogging I have decided to make my blog available to Kindle users! How cool is that? No really, cause I think it's amazingly awesomely cool and am very tempted to pay the small amount of money to read my own blog on my own Kindle... kind of insane non? Plus you can try my blog free for 14 days! So head on over to Amazon to see the awesomeness for yourself, and if you subscribe I get twelve cents! (Literally... that isn't a joke. Stop laughing! That's a hard earned dime and two pennies that is!) I'm hoping to crack that Kindle reading none overly tech savvy market of maybe five people! Also you might notice that big white box with a little bit of orange on the left hand side of my blog. It's for networked blogs... meaning you can follow me on facebook! But really, it's me being lazy, because instead of me having to go to all that effort of 20 seconds linking my blog to my status on facebook, it does it for me! So go, enjoy the internet... I'm not far away!


I don't have a Kindle, but if I did I would find this offer very handy. I hope this works out for you. What a handy way to keep up on blogs.

oh, I would love to subscribe to it...but i have taken the route of the nook instead of Kendle. Good luck with it! :)

this is very cool.
I dont have a kindle either, but to know that these options are out there is still pretty exiting stuff.

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