Friday, December 18, 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures Season 3

The countdown till the end of time starts... one week to go, so lets see what the Doctor was up to in the meantime. In the third, and by far strongest season of The Sarah Jane Adventures, we get a lot of heartbreak and a little bit of doctoring. The second season saw Maria leaving us and Rani joining the cast. While at first I wasn't sure how I'd react, more because of my love of Maria's dad Alan, than any attachment I had to Maria, I have to say, with this season Rani proved herself. Also, now that K-9 is a regular... perfect! Almost any show can be improved by a tin dog! So now onto the overall breakdown of the season by episode.

Prisoner of the Judoon: Perfectly showcases the downfall of Sarah Jane... it's a show made up of all the left over bites of Doctor Who and Torchwood. Of course the Judoon were awesome on Doctor Who, but making a random one run around and then grounding the three kids from space travel... lame. Plus the whole Sarah Jane possession and then Rani's parents almost finding out made this a really stupid opening episode.

The Mad Woman in the Attic: Heartrending tale about the possible what ifs in Rani's life. If only this was the season premiere. It deals heavily with the secrets that Sarah Jane has the kids keep and how sometimes they need to tell someone. Plus it's nice having not really evil aliens every once in awhile. Also a scary abandoned fair ground is always good.

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith: They got Nigel Havers to be the coolest finance, and oh the twist is awesome. Even if it weren't for The Doctor, this would have been a great episode. Of course, I am getting sick of the stock Sarah Jane villain, The Trickster... but what can you do, at least he's original to this show! Also notice the place where the wedding is? By chance it's where Rhys and Gwen got married on Torchwood... see what I said about reusing the same places!

The Eternity Trap: Best episode of this season. It's a scary ghost story AND an alien story in one. Plus we've seen Professor Rivers before... love continuity. I did have a fit that for no reason they though pictures of The Cavaliers were possible... cause photography has been around since the 1600s in Russell T. Davies' world. Also for other sci-fi freaks... the main ghost, that's Zod from Smallville, aka Callum Blue!

Mona's Lisa's Revenge: Interesting theory about art sharing paint and what else that might entail. Also I was worried about how this would tie in with the previous Whovian Mona Lisa Tale (City of Death) but it's ok, it would work. Though what is up with Mona's accent?!? It's like bad horrid cockney of the worst sort. Did they think it was funny?

The Gift: The Slytheen are back... again...sure they have another name, but I'm totally bored with them. The mini one is still totally cute in a bite your hand off sort of way, but other than that... What is cool though is they were voiced by Simon Callow and Miriam Margolyes! Also learning that Mr. Smith hates K-9, priceless.

Overall a strong third season which will hopefully lead to a forth series pickup. The beginning and the ending were a little lack luster, but the middle episodes where worthy of The Doctor himself. Also a random aside, the little intro to each episode... get ride of it... when Clyde looks at the audience, it makes me want to hunt him down and hurt him.


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