Friday, November 13, 2009

Your Favorite Books Brought to Life - BBC Minseries News

For fans of Martin Amis' novel of eighties capitalism, Money, you have a lot to look forward to. The BBC adaptation is being written by one of the writers of Ashes to Ashes, so we are sure to get the same quality of eighties greed and excess with a smoking soundtrack. Filming for the 2 part BBC Drama will begin in mid November with a cast set to make any fan of the BBC and cult films scream with joy. Nick Frost will star with an amazing supporting cast. But really I just hear Nick Frost, the lovable gun loving Mike from Spaced who tried to take over EuroDisney, and I'm excited. Of course they then drop in Emma Pierson, the conniving chorus girl sister of Little Dorrit and add a dose of Vincent Kartheiser from Angel, or more importantly, from Mad Men, because pre Don Draper and Pete Cavanaugh, who would have thought he could act, I certainly didn't, and you've made me one happy viewer.

There is also some nonfiction being adapted by the BBC. I mean, I know we are disappointed they're giving money to non Austen dramas or perhaps adapting another Anthony Trollope (you really have to rectify the lack of Trollope right now BBC controllers, nothing since He Knew He Was Right! What are those rumors about the Andrew Davies' Pallisers, if it isn't fact, make it so!) Anyways, the BBC is doing a new one off on the life of Miss Anne Lister, a Yorkshire landowner who, despite living at the time of Jane Austen and the Brontes, defied convention by living with her female lover. Utilizing the diaries of Anne Lister, they are bring the life of this extraordinary women to the small screen in your living room! Maxine Peake is to star, that BBC staple, most recently known for her chilling performance in Little Dorrit as Miss Wade. But I'm more excited about Anna Madeley, who's been in more and more BBC dramas of late, most importantly in the staring role in The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton. And of course what BBC drama is complete in this day and age if Dean Lennox Kelly didn't show up. He is becoming more omnipresent then his costar in The Invisibles, Anthony Stewart Head! Having appeared in Cranford, Doctor Who, Being Human, The Invisibles, Robin Hood and Collision, where will we see him next year aside from this show, tentatively titled, The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister? Perseonally I'd put money on him being in Cranford's Christmas episode, as well as perhaps an episode of Lark Rise to Candleford, as well as Ashes to Ashes final season, or perhaps that last one is just a plea for me to see him square off against Gene Hunt...


Sounds like some very cool stuff coming from the BBC, nice to know I am not the only fan of British televison, everyone I seem to know loves American tv.

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