Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spotlight: Richard Armitage

Name: Richard Armitage

First Impression: North and South. Richard's John Thornton is sexier the Mr. Darcy BY FAR! I'm sorry Colin Firth, but your hold over my heart has waned... how can your wet shirt compete with the scene at the train station? See, you can't...

Lasting Impression: Vicar of Dibley. If you're going to marry my Vicar, you better leave a lasting impression! A wonderfully bookish bloke, plus he'd marry Geraldine even if she was just in her pajamas! (Which, incidentally, she was).

What else you've seen them in: Well, despite being in the horrid Star Wars prequel, he's gone on to achieve lasting fame. Aside from that whole John Thornton obsession that's griped all I know, he's gone on to many mysteries, from Lynley to George Gently, Marple to Malice Aforethought. But his two most memorable roles are probably Guy of Gisborne in the now defunct Robin Hood and Lucas North on Spooks (MI-5 stateside).

Can't believe it's them: Star Wars! Sure it's a Naboo fighter pilot, but still, Star Wars!

Wish they hadn't: Again, Star Wars... he was in a movie with Jar Jar! Enough said, because the less said, the better.

Bio: Well, all you really need to know is that he's developed such a strong fan base the are literally an army! The Armitage Army is one of the most prolific and powerful of fan sites in the world. Go check it out!


YEA-YEA-YEA!!! Love it! You are too good to me, girlfriend!

I had no idea about the Armitage Army - too funny! (And yes, I'm heading there straightaway after typing this...)

The Armitage Army are now mentioned in the media in interviews with Richard. Richard himself says "It fills me with confidence to know that if I ever have to go to war I have an army of women behind me."
(Quoted from the website.)

- Tell me that's not funny!!

At least they'll always keep him safe :P

SQUEEEE! He captured my heart once I saw him in North & South! :DDD

It was hard work trying to find the most swoon worthy pictures for this post! Too many :)

Nice blog & great post!
I have a soft spot for the bloke. :)

RA is very popular in our house too. As proof that sex sells my 16yr old decided she would study russian after hearing him speak russian in an episode of spooks, and expressed the view that if spies look like that she wants an ASIO application now,(hope she doesn't see this).
Bell and I both love North and South, not just because of RA but it is just such a visually beautiful series to watch, one of my favourite costume dramas.

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