Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In My Mailbox

So here I am prattling on yesterday about how excited I am for the new Theodosia book and what should arrive in my mailbox today? That's right! Thanks to felicitous serendipity I have the new Theo book in my hands. (Also felicitous serendipity goes by the name of Houghton Mifflin if you were interested). So many hard decisions now... should I abandon what I'm currently reading and go for Theo or should I wait, finish what I'm reading then do a quick re-read of all the previous Theo books and then crack open the new one... such a hard decision... how ever will I decide... as she reaches for Eyes of Horus...


WOw, great book. Love the cover.
I think you should try and finish the book you are reading now and then you can fully commit yourself to the new one.
I hope you have a great week reading the lovley books.

Yeah, I decided to finish what I've started then do a mini Theo revel. Which will be fun, too bad I have all this other stuff to do...at least tonight's is fun. Book signing!

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