Monday, November 16, 2009

New R. L. LaFevers' Books in the New Year!

Hopefully by now you all know of my love of Theodosia Throckmorton. If not, I love Theo! Was that good for you? She's smart, funny, has an awesome cat and is an Egyptian Curse breaker. She is easily a young adult's version of Amelia Peabody and everyone should read these books they are that awesome. Yes, kids to grannies, everyone! Anyways, the highly anticipated (certainly by me) 3rd book, Theo and the Eyes of Horus is coming out in April. To whet you appetite, Robin posted the cover up on her website today. I love it! All yellow and shiny and beautifully done by the talented Yoko Tanaka. Can't stand the wait now that you have the cover? Well lucky for you Robin's publishers have let her put the first two chapters up on Theo's website, so head on over and enjoy a little time with Theo. Plus if you haven't read any of the books yet, there's plenty of time before April!

Also she unveiled the cover for her second Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist book. The first was a really fun quick read (review to be posted soon!). So another book to look forward to from the pen of Robin... it's going to be a great 2010! This book is slated to drop in June.


I've never heard of either of these series, but they look fun!

The Theodosia are wonderful, as are the Nathaniel Fludd, though he is more for a younger audience.

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