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The Betrayal of the Blood Lily Giveaway! THIS GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED

I'm sure ever since September, when I casually announced that I had gotten Lauren Willig's new ARC in the mail... okay, I know there was really a lot of exclamation points and dancing around, none of which was very casual, but... you were all excited, yes? I have a feeling you've been waiting with baited breath since I said I would be giving my ARC away in my review of the book. Well the time has come my friends, to talk of many things, of spies and lies and secret trysts of dangerous flower rings of why India is boiling hot and whether marigolds have schemes... In other words... you want to win this don't you? I know you do, I know you can't wait till January, and here's where I come in to save the day.


The Prize:
One shiny new ARC (carefully read only a few times) of Lauren Willig's The Betrayal of the Blood Lily, not in stores till January 12th, 2010!

The Rules:
1. Open to EVERYONE, just because you haven't been following me all along doesn't mean you don't matter.
2. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if your name is drawn, either your blogger profile or a link to your website/blog or you could even include your email address with your comment(s).
3. Contest ends December 11th at 11:59PM CST (1 month before the release of the book)
4. How to enter:

Answer me this: Who is your favorite character in Lauren's books?

What is your favorite scene they are in? Could it be Amy and Richard meeting on the boat? Jane and her sheep?

5. And for those addicted to getting extra entries:

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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog, and don't forget to come back frequently in the weeks leading up to the release of The Betrayal of the Blood Lily, there's going to be lots of Napoleonic fun, including my dream casting if these books were ever made into a miniseries as part of my Spotlight series. Also do you have a question you've been dying to ask Lauren? She's going to be doing a little Q & A for me in the coming weeks, so post your questions and I'll pick the ones which I myself would like to hear answered!


I really liked Eloise Kelly in The Secret History of the Pink Carnation! wandanamgreb(at)gmail(dot)com

I am already a follower of your blog.

I left a comment on the book review. wandanamgreb(at)gmail(dot)com

My favourite character from the series would without a doubt have to be Henrietta – I just simply think that she is wonderful. If I had to just pick one scene, off the top of my head I really love chapter 19 of The Masque of the Black Tulip, I think it perfectly illustrates the way in which the two characters are made for each other. Between a somewhat accidental kiss, to their bickering – it is almost constantly taking one step forward, whilst taking two steps back until the stumble together towards the end.

I follow blogs in google reader, and as such have opted to subscribe from there. I am looking forward to going through your back catalogue of reviews as I have already found two books that I am really interested in looking at just from the first listings (John Barrowman and Random Magic) that and I love your review on the latest Emma adaption – and I have just reviewed your review of TBOTBL.

I have shared a link to the contest on Twitter, with great hope that if someone I know wins they maybe perhaps let me borrow it after they read it -

I would be more than happy to pay for postage and handling costs if I were to win, as I live in Australia, and I can be contacted on

I've never read anything by her (though I love this title). I just wanted to say two things:
1) "One shiny new ARC (carefully read only a few times)" -- was that by you each of those few times? Cause that's a good sign...
2) "Well the time has come my friends, to talk of many things, of spies and lies and secret trysts of dangerous flower rings of why India is boiling hot and whether marigolds have schemes..." I LOVED THIS!!! God, I love me some Lewis Carroll.

My absolute favorite character is Turnip Fitzhugh. My favorite scene would probably be near the end of The Masque of Black Tulip, when he is at the Marquise' house. So funny! My email is

Lewis Carroll is da bomb! Plus I think this book works well for those who haven't read the series yet. As for carefully of the times was by another who is persuasive. But yes, it's a multiple read.

Honestly, Henrietta is my favorite character, but I'm ashamed to say that I can't remember specific scenes with her in them! Terrible, I know. So I guess I'll say that Letty is my second favorite character and the whole scene of the elopement is probably my favorite.

I commented on your review, I'm already a follower, and your contest is in my very small blog's sidebar.

Thanks for the contest! I do love these books, despite my terrible recall for details!

No blog is ever too small! They all have the chance to grow. I still remember my loyal 3 followers for the first few months, now look at it!

hi! I just wandered over here from Lauren Willig's website. My favorite Pink character is Penelope, which is why I am so excited for this book! The scene in the 'The Temptation of the Night Jasmine' where she is essentially ruined in front of everyone is amazing. Pen's character and her resolute will shines as she holds her head high despite what's just happened. Also, I love the dynamic she has with Henrietta. All of Lauren's characters are incredible in their own right, but Pen just strikes a chord with me.

Thanks for wandering on over Jenna!

This may seem strange but my favorite character is Mary (and Vaughn) and I love the scene with them in his "Chinese" room. I think there complexity is really interesting as compared to a few of the more conventional heroines. Thanks!

No question. My favorite character is Miles. And I can't remember any specific scenes right now, but I loved any scene he was in with Hen in The Masque of the Black Tulip.


+10 Posted a link to this giveaway on my right sidebar:


+5 I just became a follower.


I commented on the review.

My favorite part in the series so far is Henrietta buying all that ribbon "unsuspiciously" in Black Tulip. Or, okay, anything with Lord Vaughn especially his Chinese room *swoon*.

I'm going to follow your blog.

I am not above baking you cookies to get this book. Just sayin.


So many to choose from...but I think I'd have to say Lady Uppington, hands down. Just about any scene with her in it is awesome, but I think my favorite is when Richard first brings Miles home and she resigns herself to life as the mother of a kidnapper. Well...that, or the whole breaking-into-a-French-prison bit in Pink Carnation...


Henrietta is my favorite, and I loved the scene at the ball with Miles and her friends at the beginning of the Black Tulip.

Also, I
(1) commented on your review,
(2) became a follower of your blog,
(3) and mentioned the contest on Twitter (


Henrietta is my favorite by far, and I think it is possible that my favorite scene with her is the one where she and Miles are in the garden at Richard's - right before Richard finds them!

I am also becoming a follower of your blog now.

My favorite character is Henrietta Selwick. I like how she uses such a diverse vocabulary and that she is witty. I also love how she and Miles fall in love. It’s very much a girl next door type event. My favorite scene she is in is when she and Miles capture the Marquise de Montval at the end of the second book and they completely forget about everything and everyone around them in the realization that they love each other.

I became a follower, commented on your review, and posted the link to this contest in my blog sidebar
my email is:

I really like Geoff, and one of my favorite scenes with him is in "The Masque of the Black Tulip" when he is writing poetry and Miles catches him at it--too cute.

My email is

Miss Eliza, I am new to your blog and love it! I've signed up to follow, left a comment on your review of Blood Lily and advertised this site on my Facebook to my 581 friends.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the scene with Mary and Lord Vaughn in his Chinese room. I was reading it while flying en route somewhere and clearly remember I had seat 9D as I reread it several times and the passenger next to me mentioned I sighed several times :-) I'd always loved Lord Vaughn, and knew he had some great passion...thrilled to see others loved it, too!

i've visited your site a few times and always find something so interesting so thanks!

as far as my favorite character...i love Letty and Geoff as a couple and thoroughly enjoy the scene in the theater with Captain Pinchingdale. makes me laugh every time!

Would love to win this!
I would answer the questions, but I've unfortunatelyl never read any of her books. This one just looks exceptionally amazing, though.

+10 already a follower
+10 in my sidebar under the Contest List


Oh, and my favorite character, so far, has been Miles. He's just so lovable and awkward!

I haven't read any of her books so I can't answer the first question. :(

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Thanks for the giveaway!


So far I think my favourite is Mary. I thought that seeing her develop from a rather spoiled girl who is very concerned with what everyone thinks, to kind of saying to hell with it to be with Lord Vaughn (though I'm sure his oodles of money helped) was really well done. And their banter through the book, especially when she's taking care of him is great.
But I also love Eloise, I wish we could get a whole book of just her to find out what happens soooooner....
Check out my blog at
and am now off to tweet this contest...

I have to say Henrietta is my favorite character because I could see her as my best friend in real life. And my favorite scene that she's in is the confrontation she has in the garden with Miles.

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Henrietta is actually my favorite character, but my favorite scene has to do with Letty and Geoff (Letty's a VERY close second). It's at the end of Emerald Ring, when Letty dresses as a man and Geoff starts paying more attention to her than at the task at hand. Personally though, Lauren's books always make me laugh (out loud, to my husband's amusement!), and sometimes swoon a little.

Oh, and I'm now a follower of your blog :) And I'm REALLY looking forward to the rest of the dreamcast posts. I never think of particular actors/actresses while a read a book because I'm imagining my own person somehow, but I love to see who other people would cast when given the chance. It makes me sigh to look at all the lovely, er, HANDSOME men ;)

My email is


I'm also a big fan of Lauren Willig books. I have a book scoop section on my website that i started last week, check it out at

Fallowing you on Twitter ;)

+5 becoming a follower

I am so beyond excited for Blood Lily!

My favorite character is Letty - my bff is Hen!

My very favorite Letty scene happens in Crimson Rose after the theater explodes, and Mary comes to after nearly being blown to bits and finds Letty has calmly evacuated the entire theater by enticing them with food THEN organized the bucket brigade to save as much as possible!

Add me in for some more entries! I twittered @MzLizard about the contest, AND I blogged about it!


My favorite character is Henrietta. And my favorite scene would have to be in Black Tulip when Hen is singing in front of everyone and she finally understands what she's singing about. And it's just her and Miles and no one else. They're just watching each other and thinking of how much the other means to them, never realizing that they've always loved the other.

+5 I became a follower! :)

+1 My favorite character is, oddly enough, Mary- I like that after being the brunt of so many jokes, we get to see that not only is she a really person with a brain that works, but that she's just trying to survive the best way she knows how, using the skills at her disposal. The scene where she goes to see Sebastien after he's been shot in Seduction of the Crimson Rose is by far my favorite.

+5 for becoming a follower

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+10 tweeted the contest here:

Answer me this: Who is your favorite character in Lauren's books?
I've never read any of her books! So, this would be my first, which I'm excited for. :)
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Hi there!
So, I do not really know this author.
That is actually the reason why i'm signing up, so that I can read a new author and discover if I like it.

To answer both your question and the aditional one, I have no favourite scene or character, but I will have as soon as I get lucky and read this book.

Best wishes!

dr.strangelove.vs.citizen.kane (at) gmail (dot) com

I love Amy. I love the part when she is trapped the office when snooping around. And when her and Richard are on the boat.

+1 Answering questions above
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+10 @SL_CraftyMommy

Thanks :)

Adding this link. for my post up above...I did not know if the @SL_Craftymommy was enough. Thank you!

My favorite character is Eloise because like her I'm fascinated with history. I even work at my local historical society and have lost myself for a bit reading diary entries and Christmas cards from over 100 years ago. My favorite scene is when Eloise comes down in one of her old night gowns, followed by her first kiss with Colin.

I must say that my favorite character is Henrietta. I rather imagine that if I were playing at being a spy I would be a bit like she is in Night Jasmine during the final search for the king ... which, by the by, is one of my favorite scenes ...

Unfortunetly I haven't read any books of Lauren Willig. :( But this one sounds so good, I'd really like to do it. :)


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