Friday, November 20, 2009

Twilight Time

Well, unless you've somehow found yourself in a cave for the last year or so, I'm sure you know all about the rabid fan following of Twilight. Of course... if you've been in a cave I'm not sure they have Wi-Fi or DSL, so you wouldn't really be reading this then... But suffice it to say, everyone has probably had an encounter with these Twihards... If not, look to your local cinemas today, there will be squealing, fainting and all around swooning, the likes of which The Beatles and Elvis would be jealous of (they also crashed and have made this the best preselling movie of all time). Personally, I enjoyed the first movie enough to be willing to see the second... of course I hated the books. They're absurd, badly and extremely overwritten with florid prose and typos aplenty. But a book that takes a significant investment in time is nothing compared to 90 minutes of fluff you can watch to laugh at. I'm going, I expect to enjoy myself as I climb over the teens who've passed out on the floor from sheer over-excitement. Maybe I should bring some smelling salts? But then again, they would just repeat the swoon... best to leave them unconscious and enjoy the movie in peace. Also for those who have different feelings towards vampires (like Buffy does, if you discount Spike and Angel)... this parody is for you!


I completely agree with you. Hated the books but enjoyed the first movie. I'll wait for DVD from the library for the movies, though. I don't want to be stoned alive if I happen to laugh at some absurdity. Twihards don't take kindly to ridicule. I learned the hard way.

I effing LOVE Olivia Munn (and Kevin, of course, but Olivia cracks me up). I thought the first movie was fairly awful, actually, but I will see #2. I took my sister opening night, but a reel was put in upside down and it screwed up the film. So we left, and I was tired at work the next day for nothing...

Me as well! Their parodies, and in fact all of AOTS is beyond awesome. That sucks that not only did you make the effort to go but it was ruined by technology...or should I say people who lack the knowledge to work technology. It was entertaining, and I was so glad I went to an early show, by 4, OMG, tweens and their mommies everywhere!

best to leave them unconscious and enjoy the movie in peace.

I almost spit my water out while reading your post! I think the only way you could hear the movie is to leave them unconscious.

I too hated the books, yet would have seen the first one had I thought the two actors were even a little interesting, but I do not. Both bore me to tears.
The second funniest line I heard about Twilight today came from NPR. The host of Wait Wait Don't tell me called the vampire clan unemployed Abercrombie and Fitch models.

OMG! "Unemployed Abercrombie and Fitch models" is the best description EVER! There clothes fit too!

I enjoyed the books. (SM may not be the best writer, but I liked the story itself.) I LOVE all the spoofs the movies have inspired. I could waste so much time on YT laughing at all the hilarious parodies. :)

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