Monday, November 23, 2009

Terry Pratchett 2010 Challenge!

So how cool is this... The Reading Adventures Blog is hosting a Terry Pratchett reading challenge for the coming year (coming year starting December 1st!) I am so there! I love Terry Pratchett and have been trying to read all his books in order (I'm currently on number 21, Jingo). Could there be any better way to get my ass in gear and read some more? I don't think so and I'm now super hyped!

Here is the official patter from Marg's website:

"If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you will probably be aware that I am something of a sucker for reading challenges. One thing I have never done though is hosted a challenge but all that is about to change!

I mentioned in my blogiversary post that I was going to be hosting my first ever challenge, so now it is time to reveal the details!

I have been reading Terry Pratchett for years. I have distinct memories of being on a bus in Adelaide more than 15 years ago and having other passengers looking at me very strangely because I was laughing out loud at something I had read in a Pratchett novel. I read a number of his books and then stopped, I think mainly because I went off traveling and stopped reading full stop. I always intended to come back to them.

Over the last few years I have read a couple of Discworld novels, but not as many as I would have liked. As far back as March 2007 I blogged about the possibility of reading the Discworld series in its entirety, but it never happened. You know that means just one thing! Time for a Terry Pratchett reading challenge!

The challenge will start from 1 December 2009 and run through to 30 November 2010. There are several different levels of participation for you to choose from:

1-3 books - Cashier at Ankh-Morpork Mint
4-5 books - Guard of the City Watch
6-8 books - Academic at the Unseen University
9-10 books - Member of Granny Weatherwax's Coven
10-12 books - Death's Apprentice

You can either be reading the books for the first time, rereading, or even watching the TV adaptations if you like! As long as everyone has fun I will be happy! Please also do not feel limited to only reading the Discworld books as any books by Terry Pratchett will count for this challenge.

For a full list of the Discworld books in publication order, check out this page on the author's website for his page at Fantastic Fiction. The number of books either written by Terry Pratchett or about his work is a bit mind boggling really.

Each month, I will put a Mr Linky up so that you can link your reviews or Pratchett posts if you want to do more general posts say on individual characters, places, events etc.

To sign up just leave a comment on this post with a link to your intro post if you do one. I look forward to seeing what people post about over the next 12 months."

Well I'm ready to go and I will not settle for anything less than Death's Apprentice! (Also for all those people who've doubted me when I said that Pratchett's Young Adult novels don't count in the overall Discworld cycle... look to his website, what's that you see... they're counted! Doubt me no more!!!)


A fellow Pratchett fan! I love his YA novels, I think they are amongst his best work. So Death's Apprentice, you will be reading a lot. I look forward to your posts.

Ah, but Pratchett is a joy! I will look forward to your posts as well!

Also how excited are you for the 4th Tiffany Aching? I wait with baited breath for I Shall Wear Midnight!

I am with you, definitely looking forward to that one.

I am hoping to get to be Death's Apprentice too! Thanks for spreading the word, and welcome to the challenge.

Glad to be on board! Jingo here I come!

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