Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In My Mailbox

So what did my BFF's at Penguin send me today? (And yes, they are quite literally my BFFs, no one treats me as good as they do, Viking, Dutton, you all rock). They sent me the new Jasper Fforde book Shades of Grey! And not just a crappy reviewers copy. Oh no, my BBFs treat me very well. They sent me a 1st Edition hardcover, with all the lovely press info. And, I think just to make my day a little brighter, it was addressed to: Elizabeth Lefebvre - Blogger, Strange and Random Happenstance. How cool is that? Very I do declare. Blogger! (Imagine Kryten from Red Dwarf saying it and then silently laughing... yes I'm a little loopy, so? This is how my brain usually works best.) Also I'm working out doing an interview with Mr. Fforde either by phone or Skype! The coolness never ceases here. So if you have any question you've been dying to ask Jasper Fforde, just post away, and maybe I'll get around to asking him for you! Well I'm off to go read and also figure out how to properly pronounce his last name, I think that would be a good thing to find out before the interview, those wacky Welsh!


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