Monday, November 30, 2009

December Tomorrow

So I decided that, perhaps instead of featuring my Tuesday Tomorrow new books of the week, I'd do a more seasonal post, a Christmas is fast approaching, what to get the bibliophile in your life for Christmas post. And no, it's not because I didn't like the new books out this week... well, that's not 100% true... but I had planned on doing this, and it's timely, and just seemed to have stars aligning and whatnot. So onto the gift ideas. The answer? Gift Cards! I know what you're thinking, it's crass, it's not thoughtful, don't they always make fun of people who give book tokens for holidays? It's just because there are a lot of non-readers in the world, and those non-readers don't get that there's nothing readers love more then new books and more precisely new books they pick out for themselves! For some reason, people who don't read books like to buy the newest bestsellers for friends around the holidays. And while it's sweet that they are openly embracing the book worm in their friend, a lot of readers either a) have already read said bestseller before it went on mega clearance for the holidays or b) are a true book snob and tend to shy away from bestsellers and stick with their favorite more obscure authors.

I'm not saying that you can ONLY buy Gift Cards for the bibliophile, it's just usually the easiest, least painful, stress free present... hell you can them direct from Barnes & Noble with any of many cool pictures and you don't even have to venture outside! Plus you can give a little or a lot... if only someone would stuff my stocking with that $1000 one... no sugar plum fairies dancing in my head at Christmas, it's that little black card! Enough with the fantasy... no, that wasn't drool! And my computer screen is not fogged up either, thank you! But this is too impersonal you say? Well... there are many options and avenues still available sans Gift Card... you could always, dare I say it? Ask which books they want! Novel isn't it? (haha) Of course that does lack an element of surprise... There are also always exceptions to the rules of bad book givers. I have one friend who always gives the best book gifts, she always knows what I'll like and cherish and never asks in advance, she has a magical secret power. So if you think you to might have this ability, try it out, but don't expect success the first time, because it is not guaranteed, especially by me. But they will know you cared and tried, and sometimes it is all in the thought.

Speaking of cognition... Now onto the most thoughtful gift of all! A book that has inspired you or changed your life passed on to someone you love. Say Jane Austen inspired you... give her to a friend with a little note. Thomas Hardy you say, pass it on with a little dedication. Not only will you be giving something that means a great deal to you, but hopefully you'll be giving a keepsake that will inspire and fill them with love year round, because every time they pick up that book or think about something in it that they loved, they will think of you. There's nothing that angers me more then being in a used bookstore and finding a book that is lovingly dedicated to someone and thinking that this person didn't even care enough about that person's feelings to hang onto it even if they didn't like it. They could have at least cut out the page. Savages is what I say! Because there could not be a more thoughtful gift in my mind.

I hope that I gave you a few things to think on... when in doubt or despair the Gift Card saves the day, but if you want to make a lasting impression, give from the heart, as all gifts should be given. But you know there's always a nice bookmark when in a funk and short of funds... everyone needs to mark their book somehow!


I have trouble buying gift cards - I just can't bring myself to do it. In the same way, I have trouble buying books for a booklover.
AS a booklover, I do love books as gifts, but sometimes I also prefer something that I wouldn't buy for myself.

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