Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Return to Eaton Place

Well, you'll probably think you've misread this, I sure thought I did, but it's true...Upstairs Downstairs is returning! (I think I just heard Joss Whedon crying for joy.) The BBC have announced that the writer behind Cranford and Ballet Shoes has starting writing two feature length scripts for BBC One for broadcast next year. What's even better, Piers Wegner has stated that they have the blessing of the original creators and that they are also on board! Yes, Jean Marsh will be back as Rose, and Eileen Atkins will finally get a part on screen! Quite literally the most famous BBC Miniseries of all time and the standard by which all Miniseries are gauged is set for a return!

Set in 1936, 6 years after the original series ended, the house will have a new family occupying it and will be an entirely new show that is an extension of the original and not a remake, which would surely piss off die hard fans the world over! As Eaton Place inches towards World War II the house will once again be embroiled in the politics and world events of it's time. Seeing as the BBC have long desired for this franchise to continue it's not a surprise, a second spin off, the first being Thomas and Sarah, was set to begin filming immediately after the wrapping of the original show. Set at the seaside hotel that Hudson, Mrs. Bridges and Rose were going to buy, the show never made it into production due to Angela Baddeley's (Mrs. Bridges') death. Many other spin offs have been discussed over the years and many variations on the same themes, but they have never come to fruition. Finally it looks like we are indeed heading back to Eaton Place, and in a way that will embrace both old and new fans. Personally I hope that some of the old cast shows up as new's fun seeing James, Hazel, Sarah and Thomas whenever the pop up on tv, and how fitting would it be for them to drop by Eaton Place?

As Jean Marsh said: "I am hugely looking forward to spending time with Rose. I have missed her enormously." As have we all!


Miss Eliza, I like you style. This page is fab!

:) Aimee

Why thank you! Glad to see you are part of the Random Magic Blog Tour! Can't wait to get the book.

black adder is a fave of mine :)

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