Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prepare to Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

Today marks the beginning of Alice in Wonderland Week, as hosted by Kate over at The Neverending Shelf. Alice in Wonderland is one of Kate (and my) favorite books, and now is the time to celebrate this darling of the literary world because it seems as if the world wants to laud her! With more and more books and a big screen adaptation coming soon to our theaters, Alice is, and always will be, the "it girl" of dramatizations. When Tim Burton revealed his Alice trailer at Comic Con, I discussed the Alice phenomenon in some detail. As it seems inevitable that we are heading back to wonderland with a new troupe of actors playing our beloved characters I thought it was a good time to talk Alice. This week, being her week, is the next best time to talk Alice, because it wouldn't make sense just to go back to this previous June to discuss Alice, we're not mad after all! At least not today, check back last Wednesday, things might have, will be different then.

I digress. Kate will be profiling all different manner of things Alice this week, leading up to Frank Beddor's 3rd installment of The Looking Glass Wars, ArchEnemy, which comes out next Thursday. From discussions on the different adaptations, to authors contemplating the lure of Alice, she'll have it all...even me. Oh...I forgot to mention that didn't I...perhaps I should have started with, "and I'll be doing a guest blog"...has a nice ring to it doesn't it? I will be discussing Lynn Truss' short story Tennyson's Gift, which has all manner of eminent Victorians...Tennyson, Julia Margaret Cameron, and of course Carroll, Dodgson to those in the know. So make sure to check out Kate's site this week, and other sites around the blogisphere who are participating...I know I'll be having some posts here and there, literally, here and there...


love alice in wonderland! and tennyson's poetry too, for that matter

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