Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Bounty of Boleyn's Headed Someone's Way!

So, the Philippa Gregory contest is at an end. I know you're all just dying to hear who the favorite monarch is! What, you said you wanted the winner, no, no, no, monarchs will not wait for anyone, I'm sorry, you have to wait. I said wait. In a last minute upset, Henry VIII took the prize out of the clutches of his own daughter's hand! I'm sorry Elizabeth I, it seems having your own tv show is more important to getting into peoples hearts than just a few movies...Victoria, you tried your best, take consolation that, even though in 3rd place, you are the longest reigning monarch, until 2016 that is...

As for our competition winner....(insert drum-roll, royal fanfare, etc, etc)....Jennifer, who has the awesome blog Rundpinne, and who ironically couldn't choose between Elizabeth or Henry...she could have easily chosen the winner there! Well she's our winner, enjoy your books and your sons birthday, which I see happens to be today! See moms do deserve presents for all they go through and agrees!

But don't despair gentle readers because even if you did not win this contest, October has so much in store for you! The author Michael Norman will be stopping by to discuss all things paranormal and ghostly. Perhaps I might even be able to finagle a copy of his new book, The Nearly Departed, Minnesota Ghost Stories and Legends for you. Also I have two more giveaways! Both authors have the same last name, but for one letter, though they are pronounced the same. One of the giveaways is a trilogy, to which I'm giving away a boxed set of all five of the books. The other is a biography of a man, who really should be synonymous with this time of year. An extra 10 entries to the first person who can named either book(s)...20 if you get them both!


Thank you so very much!
I am so excited! Yes, it is indeed my son's birthday today, so it is nice to get a little something for me. :)

I really could not decide between Elizabeth I and young Henry VIII.

Thank you, again!

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