Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Contemporary Masterpiece

So today begins the boring part of Masterpiece (no longer theater). Or so that's how I always view the Contemporary section in my head. It doesn't have the lure of the costume drama that the Classic has, or the intrigue of what was once Mystery, or the length, usually being the shortest of the seasons. But I think I might reconsider all this seeing as David Tennant is the new host. Yes, I hate how they've done away with the old intros and I hate this rotating celebrity shtick they've got going, but with David Tennant they may be onto something. Aside from Alan Cumming that is, he's too perfect and the natural inheritor of the show from the likes of Vincent Price and Diana Rigg, bring back the Edward Gorey sets and I'm hooked for life. Back to David. He's got the classic training down, he's got that wonderful Scottish brogue and he's The Doctor for freakin' sake! The fact that I have David Tennant to look forward to on Sunday nights means I'm a little less pissed he quit Doctor Who...just a little...I mean he's so perfect and I know why he quit...but back to Masterpiece.

This season of only three shows (see I said short) looks to be stellar. We have Endgame, and no not the Samuel Beckett play, and while we're on it, why name a political thriller about apartheid after the most famous play by Beckett, after Waiting for Godot that is. This one is the show that fills the "political quota" that the Contemporary section seems to want to burden us with. After that we get Place of Execution. This aired in Britain last year, and I have to say, it's amazing! Starring Juliet Stevenson and Greg Wise this takes place around a girls disappearance 40 years earlier and the investigative journalist who has to uncover the truth, at all costs. This is based on the book of the same name by Val McDermid and made by Robson Green's production company that made McDermid's Wire in the Blood (it so needs to be uncancelled right now). So right there you are forewarned. It's dark, it's creepy, it's fabulous...and it's also totally a mystery, so it's in the wrong section, but I won't quibble, this means an intro by David Tennant. The final show, Collision, I know nothing about, apart from it's written by Anthony Horowitz of Foyle's War inception so it has to be good, he's never failed yet. It also stars that actor from Primeval who I hate cause he played Ned Lawrence mac two on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles...but that's a personal hate...he has such creepy eyes!

So at least you'll be in good hands (they are the hands of a Doctor after all) until the best season ever returns. Gotta love the Classics! I'm sure we'll be seeing the new Emma, perhaps the recent miniseries on the Romantics? Desperate Romantics anyone? And of course Cranford! We can also hope that Lark Rise to Candleford gets bumped from random airings to full fledged Classic, as it should be! Have you watched season 1 yet? It's out on DVD now! A final thought...I do wonder who our host will be? Shall Laura Linney return or will she go the way of Gillian Anderson and Matthew Goode?


OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE Masterpiece...Classic that is LOL! I'm like you,I think the costume dramas that the BBC does are terrific! I love Lark Rise and the new Emma that is airing on BBC and I'm assuming that it will air on Masterpiece at some point is pretty good too...not my fave version but still watchable.

I might have to start watching Masterpiece Contemporary just for David Tennant! Love him!!!

xoxo~ Renee

I thought he did a good intro tonight, of course I'm more excited about the other shows then the one tonight.

David Tennant perfect.
On Desperate Romantics, I bought the DVD from Britian, and it was entertaining but also very irritating in it's inaccuracies and sensationalism, but my teen daughter loved it, nevertheless. I did blog about it if you want to drop by and check it out.
Really enjoying reading your blog.

I LOVED David Tennant in the info. He can read the phone book in that brogue and I'd listen with stars in my eyes. I thought the show was good, and am looking forward to the rest. I love Lark Rise, am looking forward to the new Emma, and a coworker just loaned me Desperate Romantics. I think I'll love that!

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