Tuesday, October 13, 2009

100 Posts...

and still going strong! This here is my 100th post. As the caption to the above piece says: "Just the kind of day that makes you feel good to be alive!" I really can't believe that I've actually had that much to say over the past few months, or that over 100 of you actually listen to my sometimes wildly rambling turns of phrase. I'm am ever so grateful to all of you, yes you and you and you, maybe not you, oh who am I kidding, yes you too. Every single last one of you who have stopped by to read or leave a comment or contacted me via email or stopped me when you've seen me to say hi. It really brightens my day to discuss books and miniseries and anything else with you all. You're all my virtual bffs! I must now proffer gifts in your general direction while Numfar does "The Dance of Joy" for you all. "The Dance of Joy" is a time honored tradition and Numfar does honor you and me by his display...if you were to look away and ignore Numfar he would do "The Dance of Sorrow," which is a pitiful thing to witness.

Now that Numfar has lightened our hearts and filled them with gladness, it's time to rattle those pots and pans...no wait...that's Ainsley Herriot on Can't Cook, Won't Cook...it's time to have a contest! That's it! More books to be won, more fun to be had! Well, as you hopefully all know I have a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Competition running concurrent with the one I'm about to announce! So, besides winning the complete Hitchhiker's Trilogy you could win the awesome Charles Addams biography, Charles Addams, A Cartoonist's Life, which is now out of print! I thought someone would guess it, but no one figures out that I was going to have a duel Ad(d)ams Giveaway! See, they're both named Addams, funny right? Well, anyways, Charles Addams, master of the macabre, king of New Yorker cartoons...the tv show, alright? And the movie? Addams family, that is him. Very seasonal, macabre, in a black maria in the foyer sort of way.



Charles Addams, A Cartoonist's Life by Linda H. Davis

Who is the better Gomez Addams? Raul Julia or John Astin?

The Rules:
1. Open to EVERYONE (worldwide), and just because you haven't been following me all along doesn't mean you don't matter.
2. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if your name is drawn, either your blogger profile or a link to your website/blog or you could even include your email address with your comment(s).
3. Contest ends Saturday, October 31st at 11:59AM CST
4. How to enter: Just post below
5. And for those addicted to getting extra entries:

+1 for answering the question above
+2 for becoming a follower
+5 if you are already a follower
+10 for each time you advertise this contest - blog post, sidebar, twitter (please @MzLizard), etc. (but you only get credit for the first post at each site, so tweet all you like, and I thank you for it, but you'll only get the +10 once). Also please leave a link!

And as always, a goal...if I reach 150 followers. Something extra cool and seasonal, and no, it will not be any weaponry from the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expects (prizes from) the Spanish Inquisition...oh damn. I said it.


Congratulations on your 100th post! Thanks for your thoughts on the new Hitchhiker book. The teens in my library really love that series, and I'm unsure how they'll respond to a new addition. Although, they do love Artemis Fowl...

Oh, and Raul Julia. Hands down, no question.

Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

A big congrats on your 100th post! That takes a lot of work & dedication, proud of you :)

As far as Gomez, I've gotta go with John Astin - thought he did very well :) Man, I grew up with The Addams Family and sure do miss it (never missed The Monsters either lol).

Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Was I supposed to put my answer in a separate comment?

+1 John Astin :)

Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

+5 I already follow ya

All in one post is fine, or multiple posts, I'll find it, read it and absorb it into my data stream :P

Cheers to the next 100!

Congrats! Good job!

I would say: Raul Julia !!!


+5 and ofcourse I'm already a follower.

+5 already a follower


I was just here the other day and glad I came back. I think they were both good but I have to say I liked good old John Astin!

kdhaney (AT) gmail dot com

I already am a follower so that is +5 for me...yippee! I would love to win this!

kdhaney (AT) gmail (dot) com

yay for u and 100 posts!
though by now u've surpassed it as I am a late-worm and can check my blogs I follow only about once a week, lol

--Who is the better Gomez Addams? or John Astin?

+1 Raul Julia! he makes me laugh :D
+5 already a follower

p.s. keep up the great work Miss Eliza!

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