Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Magic Tour

Tomorrow starts the blogispherical tour of the book Random Magic by Sasha Soren. While other blog book tours come and go this one is extra important. Why you ask? Well, if you look down to the bottom of the calender...who is that you see on November 24th? I believe that's me! Yes, I am participating in this tour of reviews and interviews and frivolity. So make sure to go check it out, the full tour is posted here, before coming back to me for the penultimate date! My profile is now also up on their site, so check it out for a bite of a laugh...

October 17th
Michelle at Michelle’s Book Blog interviewed Sasha Soren and also gave the book 4 out of 5 stars!

October 18th
Aimee at My Fluttering Heart gave the book 3.5 candy-colored stars!

October 20th
Allison at Well-Read Reviews has an interview and giveaway plus gave the book 5 stars! Of course you should remember to enter my giveaway as well!

October 22nd
Casey at A Passion For Books just appears to have this list and the trailer up... couldn't find a review.

October 24th
Kim at And Anything Bookish has the reader themes from the book as well as a 3.5/5 rating for the book!

October 25th
Kate at The Neverending Shelf has a quickie review and then stops by the Garden of the Muses.

October 26th
Trisha Lynn at Trisha’s Book Blog appears to not have anything up, it's not even the book of the day!

October 27th
Becky at The Bookette has an author interview and some exciting extras about color and what character are you?

And sharing her tour date:

Meri Greenleaf at The Elbit Blog was promoted from honorary witch to a full fledged member of the coven, she gave the book a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, has trivia, trailers, polls a celestial roll call, links to Becky's site, and no end to the Random Magic Fun!

October 28th
Brande at Book Junkie has an author interview and giveaway plus a 5 star review!

October 29th
Jenny at Take Me Away has a book review as well as an in depth look at the colors of magic: black, and a what character are you quiz.

October 30th
Elnice at Ellz Readz has a review up.

October 31st
Mariah at A Reader’s Adventure has a whole lot going on from trailers to the color blue to quiz's and trivia.

November 2nd
Cat at Beyond Books has her review up.

November 3rd
Jill at The O.W.L. Blog her a review up.

November 4th
Juju at Tales of Whimsy illuminates Random Magic with quizzes and recipes.

November 9th
Charity Lynn at Keep On Booking has an author interview and a video review, though she didn't finish the book.

November 10th
Alaine at Queen of Happy Endings doesn't appear to have anything up.

November 11th
Tina at Tina’s Book Reviews has Sasha a guest blogger.

November 12th
McKenzie at The Book Owl has butterflies galore!

November 13th
Willow Raven at Red House Books has a little post, though they didn't finish either.

November 15th
Emily at What Book Is That? has an author interview up!

And sharing her tour date:

Alistair at Cerebrate's Contemplations posted his review for Emily, who sadly didn't receive her book in time, but also had a lovely which character are you quiz.

November 17th
Jenn at Falling Off The Shelf has her review up.

November 18th
Nicole at Books! Has both an author interview and a review giving the book 3 out of 5!

November 20th
Bianca at Wicked Good Reads has an interview with Sasha up.

November 21st
Michelle at The True Book Addict has the book trailer, some trivia and a review coming at sometime in the future.

November 23rd
Andrea at The Little Bookworm has the book trailer and what character are you.

*November 24th
Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) at Strange & Random Happenstance oh, I have lots of fun stuff up, but then again, you probably know that from being here!

November 25th
Eleni at La Femme Readers has anything you could ever desire about the muses as well as a kaleidoscope slide-show.


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