Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Part 1

I thought that to get everyone in the spirit for Halloween I would show everyone what I've be wont to wear for this glorious of holidays. While other holidays might have come and gone, Halloween was always a big one in my family, my mom often made my costumes and it was a fun filled old fright night. Now to the are my pictures from earliest Halloween through high school, college and beyond will be my second post! I might also add, some of this costumes had a tendency to be worn whenever I felt like it (which was often)...but these are all actually from Halloweens past.

This is a little Pierrot clown costume my mom made me and I just loved it, it's so cute...also fit me for years to come.

Most likely my fright at learning Halloween meant I got candy. I had an irrational fear of candy at this age, favoring carrots and vegetables. Apparently I was known to break down sobbing if I was going to a birthday party for fear I would be forced to eat cake.

Princess is not pleased to meet alien, that's for sure. Apparently aliens are "beneath me." That's John Clifton for any of my old high school friends who might be reading this. His costume being far more "snazzy"...but does he have a foam core and glitter wand? I don't think so!

Ok, this is one of the cutest costumes ever (notice the wand from the previous year is back), BUT it itched like a mother! Just the memory of it is making me break out in a rash, it was awful, there was no way this outfit could be made comfortable. Horrid stiff tulle. You will also notice my friend, Erin is wearing one of my old costumes...I don't think they asked me about this...must be karma that destroyed the other half of the picture.

School parade of costumes. Best picture I could find of me as Cinderella. You will notice that it's a re-purposed princesses dress...Also can you tell it was the 80s? Cabbage Patch Doll anyone?

My favorite costume EVER! So cut and comfortable, also reminiscent of Max from Where the Wild Things Are. My brother was a mouse, and this being a typical Wisconsin fall, it was sleeting, and five minutes into trick-or-treating he fell in a puddle. Not fun.

Me as a very pissed off Pippy Longstocking. I think it might have to do with the fact I thought my braids were crap cause one of the older kids actually wired their hair and I wasn't allowed to have long hair because I chewed it. Also take note, the 80s pink shirt, it will be used again for Halloween about 15 years later!

More know I don't think I've ever even read the book...I just really liked that crappy movie that came out around then and I had to be a literary character that year per "teachers decree."

The cat has been updated to a leopard! Plus I was like 5 inches taller so the other one didn't quite work anymore.

7th grade and everyone had to be a flapper...I'm not sure why flapper became the big thing in 1990? I have a vague feeling it had to do with the film Dick Tracy...

Also just a hint, sack dresses means it's very hard to lift your arm to answer questions in science class without the person next to you looking down your dress...thanks Greg.

Freshman year hippies...and yes, those are A Different World Dwayne Wayne glasses, don't judge! I'm sure you had them too!

Alice in Wonderland...and I really wanted to dye my hair dark to be true to the description of Alice in the books versus the Disneyfication...ah well, at least I had a flamingo.


Looking forward to part 2, I absolutely want to see Halloween 2000:)

You had some cool costumes!

I want a Pippi Longstocking cap/braids!

I think 2000...yep, that was an election year, so that was the year I was Edie from Ab Fab, my friend was Patsy, GREAT pictures for that year!

And Pippi Cap braids, not too hard to do, seeing as it's hunting season! (For the cap color) and then just some yarn, braid it and sew the lip all around, lots of fun!

Wow! I made the blog--what were we thinking?? Thanks for posting that picture, I totally forgot about that! :)

And that hippie picture, not nearly so bad or embarrassing as some of the pictures out there. You also had a very nice flapper costume as well.

How true! Our moms worked so hard on those! I still have the flapper one, even though it will never, ever fit me again!

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