Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Dr. Who Logo

I've barely come to grips with the fact that come 2010 David Tennant will no longer be The Doctor. So what do they do to me? Change the freakin' logo! I can honestly say I hate it. This is all shiney and sleek and totally reminds me of some of the earlier craptastic Doctor Who logos. When I heard Russell T. Davies was leaving Doctor Who and handing the reins over to Steven Moffat I was extremely excited. Here's the man behind some of the best episodes of Doctor Who in recent years...Timecrash or Blink anyone? Plus, creator of Coupling. I wasn't too worried about the future of the show. I would enjoy it, I probably wouldn't rabidly love it like I do my David Tennant, but there you go, change happens, change here is imminent. Now I'm starting to dwell on the bad...remember season 4 of Coupling anyone? Plus how naive was I to think just because Russell was gone that finally I'd not have to endure yet another Dalek or Cybermen episode, yet there were suspiciously Dalek-esque creatures near the set recently...this logo is just the most recent blow, and I don't know if I can take anymore. I even have fears for my beloved Tardis. They don't have plans to change the desktop theme do they? I can't not have my coral...just please Steven Moffat, don't mess this up. I know the logo probably had nothing to do with you, but don't make it all kid friendly, prewatershed, Sarah Jane Adventures, candy coated, la-de-da crap. I need my Doctor Who! Don't pull a Torchwood on me.


They've already said they're changing the "desktop theme," which seems completely reasonable given the show's changed it a number of times in the past. And, they're bringing back the big floating head of the Doctor (in this case, Matt Smith) in the opening credits. Expect a ton of changes.

Watch or not, I doubt it really matters, but I'm personally quite excited by this logo. And that Moffat seems to want to honor the old series while updating the show in a number of ways. Looks like the best years of Doctor Who are about to come to me, but most anything would be better than the last few episodes. Good riddance, Tennant and Davies.

Well the last few episodes are "specials," they've never seemed to get the hang of those. They're always too over the top and random stars for no reason...Kylie Minogue, really!?! Plus, we do not need every companion from every episode of the new series to come back every times there's a crisis. The whole point of Rose being trapped is she can't come back, AT ALL.

I think having Steven Moffat make it HIS show is a good thing, they need to keep it fresh, it doesn't mean I'm not going to be apprehensive. Just from a Graphic Designers point of view, the logo is atrocious and has me questioning the direction the show is headed. It's clunky and the "tardis" is verging on the illegible. As my typography professor said, "It reads like OW!" Not good. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that marketing went with Steven's concept of retro and that he didn't have much input. I hope...

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