Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Knightly

Everyone has their Knightly. It's just a fact, just like everyone has their Darcy. I was recently thinking this over and I realized there was only one Knightly for me, and he goes by the name of Josh. That's right, my ideal Knightly is Paul Rudd in Clueless. My love for him has never waned, as it has for the others. I have always hated Mark Strong as Knightly, too old, too bald, but he does make a good villain, Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood anyone? Jeremy Northam is basically the perfect romantic hero, and the way he pulls off those high starched collars is sublime, but he's too godly, too, not of this earth for me. Johnny Lee Miller is a perfect match for Emma, so therefore, not the perfect match for me. But it's not that he's better than all these other superb actors, it's that my love remains. I fell in love the first time I saw him on that horrid Saturday soap Sisters, but it wasn't until the following year that I was a goner and he had me for life. I saw Clueless, not even knowing that it was based on Jane Austen, who would, a few short months after the movie was released, become my favorite author. Plus Paul Rudd is just such an extraordinary actor, from co-creating one of my favorite shows, Party Down, to doing hilarious cameos in everything from Forgetting Sarah Marshall to Veronica Mars, he is perfect. And I challenge you to find a better episode in season three of Veronica Mars than when he plays a washed up rocker, Desmond Fellowes. Phoebe on Friends never deserved his wonderfulness, this man was on Little Britian after all! Here's to you Paul, my Knightly! So who's your Knightly?


All my Knightlys are my Knightly. ^^ I do like Johnny Lee the best though. I have never seen him in anything else so i really have nothing to compare him too.

Not willing to limit yourself. I heartily agree!

I agree, I love Paul Rudd, even in Romeo and Juliet.

But my knightly is and always will be either John Cusack or Johnny Depp.

I'd pay to see a Johnny Depp version, that's for sure!

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