Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cold Blood

And Steven Moffat killed Rory! I get to like him, I mean really like him and then that's it!?! Me and Steven may have to have words. Plus not only that, in order to kind of "spare" Amy so that she can stay happy and perky and make The Doctor even more sad with more burdens to bare, he can remember him and she can't. Cause apparently Rory was part of Amy's timeline... but then why could River remember those who were part of her timeline that got sucked in... hmmm...The scene where he's getting Amy to hold onto the memory of Rory is heartbreaking. I think The Doctor even liked Rory, unlike the 9th and Mickey (but could you blame him?) But I did feel that the whole, he's still alive as long as you can remember him was a bit Thursday Next trying to maintain her memory of Landen while he's been a) eliminate from ever existing and b) Aornis Hades working her voodoo so that Thursday will forget, which really made book three hard to get through and confusing. But props also have to be given to the set people, omg, this was just an amazing episode from a production standpoint, I never once questioned anything. Everything fit so perfectly with what an underground civilization would look like and no crappy CGI, all amazing! I want to go to there. I also love Nasreen, for her zeal, her love of science, and her man, and the fact that she did it all with her hair looking crappy, she never once thought about it. Now she would be a kick ass companion.


Glad I wasn't the only one who thought the Rory thread was a bit Thursday Next. First thing I thought of (which probably catapults me into a new level of geekdom....).

But in a good geeky way :P

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