Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amy's Choice

Yes, I know it's Jane Austen month, but Doctor Who stops for no man... er woman, and also now I really wish there was a Jane Austen episode of Doctor Who, get on that Seven Moffat! This was a daring episode of Doctor Who, if just for the risk of having a very waddling and very pregnant companion, and another with a pony tail to rival any of the great 80s Metal bands. But the truth lies in that this episode is not as it seems, which would make sense with a villain capable of manipulating dreams, but it is the twist in the end that makes it sheer brilliance and makes you want to watch the whole episode all over again instantly. On the surface this appears to be just an elaborate excuse to make Amy choose between the two men in her life. Should she choose The Doctor, all flash and swagger and adventure, or Rory, the perfect lifemate. If the pregnancy reality were reality, you could see how Amy would be bored and how Rory would be happy. Then again, if the TARDIS is the reality then they're all about to die... so which to choose? The fact that Amy chooses the TARDIS in the end, not because of The Doctor, but because she can't live in a world without Rory is heartbreaking and perfect. The Doctor might show her the universe, but it's Rory who she wants by her side forever.

Ok, now into the major spoilery stuff, ie, if you haven't seen it, look away now. So, the Dream Lord is really the dark side of The Doctor... discuss... I think this is what makes the episode work. Before the episode seemed way too much, Amy, you must now choose between man "A" and man "B", whereas, now it was really about The Doctor and how he views himself and those he surrounds himself with. He has some major self hatred issues and surrounds himself with happy people who just want to explore in order to bury these self doubts. The hatred spewing that The Doctor unleashes at himself is both tragic and beyond funny. Tawdry Quirk shop (hehe). Also, kudos to the film crew, they really got the episode to flow well back and forth between the two versions of dream states.


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