Saturday, May 1, 2010

Winners Announced!

So, I have randomed and generated it up, and we have winners! Lots and lots of winners! There were lots and lots of prizes afterall! 8 prizes I have, and 8 winners there are. So, this will be a little unconventional for the first 4 winners, because they get to pick what they want, but I will update this post with what they choose. I know, you're thinking enough about me, did I win!?! So to the winners...

1st place: Sara from YA Vampire Books who chose The Spellman Files, Signed 1st Edition
2nd place: Beleth who chose Curse of the Spellmans, Signed 1st Edition, which was her first choice!
3rd place: Spav who chose The Spellmans Strike Again, Signed 1st Edition with Free Schmidt T, her first choice as well!
4th place: Liz wins Revenge of the Spellmans, Signed 1st Edition!

For 5th-8th, you'll all be getting copies of the newest Spellmans book, The Spellmans Strike Again!
5th place: Jennifer G.
6th place: throuthehaze
7th place: ninefly
8th place: Misty

I hope you all love your winnings and that maybe you'll drop a line and say how you like the Spellmans once you've read them. As for detectives that already hold our hearts? Holmes, hands down, but that little Belgian came in second with the spunky Nancy Drew following quickly behind!


Congrats, everyone!!
Thanks, Miss Eliza!!! ;p

wow! Thanks honey :D!!!
I am so happy :D

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