Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flesh and Stone

So, where we last left off in this two parter... Amy was turning to stone and the angels were surrounding them. Of course, despite time being able to be re-written, they survive, but obviously not all of them. Iain Glen, that fabulous actor, had a nice big target on him since day one that said, really big actor here, I will die or be the bad guy, and I was right, he died, cause I don't think the angels have sidekicks. Though in fact everyone but River, The Doctor and Amy died, so again, very similar to River's previous story. All in all the second half of this story made me just feel that this could have been an amazing and tight one shot episode that they dragged out to two parts so that they could make full use of the angels return and Alex Kingston. But the truth is, by bringing them back and giving them a voice the angels weren't as scary. And when we finally learned that the big crack is a giant time eraser, if you fall in, it will be like you never were... well, that's not too creepy and having the angels scared of that... eh. Giving something that is so terrifying fear, it makes them less terrifying. Of course, this should logically make me more scared of the crack, because we should fear things that scary creatures fear... but it's a crack! I'll have to see how it plays out, but the crack, while intriguing, doesn't have me all fussed.

What does have me fussed? Well River! We now know she is/was a criminal for killing the greatest man she's ever known. Now, her being a criminal does not come as a surprise at all, criminal genius her, like Moriarty to The Doctor's Holmes. But now of course, my mind is whirring, like out of control. The Doctor fears River because she knows his future, as it turns out he knows hers, and not just her future, but her death. So what if it's vice versa as well? What if the entire time River has known the Doctor she knows how her dies? Not only that, what if she killed him? Now I'm not saying evil, I kill you in the name of... I'm saying she had to kill him for some reason, and perhaps his 13th regeneration... so she's his final death. She did seem very sad about it. At least we have her reappearance when the Pandoricum opens to look forward to!


This episode seemed like it was laying groundwork. Makes you think of some things, at least we know what time Amy is from, and setting up more River/Doctor interaction. All very interesting but yet frustrating because we want to KNOW!

Yes, and I know to trust in the genius of Steven Moffat. I'm just as impatient as you! I do not like waiting. Ashes to Ashes is literally doing my head in, I need to know!!!

I wasn't so sure about Kevin Moffat until this episode. I loved the twisty twisties. Plus now we have two arching story lines for the new Doctor who is really growing on me. I almost wrote a post about it.

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