Saturday, May 1, 2010

And I am Dead, as Dead I Well May Be

They better not be in outer space! That's all I'm saying about the whole seeing stars thing. I'm hoping it's more a breaking down of their reality, like The Nothing in The Neverending Story versus some lame ass copying of the American version shit. Overall this was a great episode. We saw that Gene might know a lot more than anyone else about what is going on and that the people in this world are getting scared. Two of "Manchester's Finest" came down to London searching for a comedian who they're obviously stitching up for some crime. But that plot is beside the point because it's the highlighting of what Gene was to what Gene has become and also the fact that these cops might know a thing or two about Sam. But as with this show, it's not always the plot that drives it as the characters. Ray and Shazz singing "Oh Danny Boy" was heart wrenching perfection and the beat on "and I am dead, as dead I well may be" leads to a whole slew of interpretations and speculations... Also Alex, her clothes were pretty decent, almost a ten, but the cummerbund takes it down a few, even if it seemed to be a cummerbund episode... but then the dress turtleneck combo brought her down to a seven. Gene... ah perfect ten yet again! This time just for when he leans over and whispers the truth to the evil doer... the fear that gripes that man. Gene knows something about this world. About Sam. And probably about Alex. The next few weeks I will be on the edge of my seat seeing how this plays out! Also, I want a Sam Tyler coat too!


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