Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday

You can't believe the news today. I'm in Arkansas and haven't seen Ashes to Ashes. You don't know how this is killing me. My loyalties to Gene Hunt are split with my loyalties to my friends. Of course my friends win... but if Gene showed up in the Quatro... I'm just saying, I'll be all gussied up after all! So to hold back the tears and crying and recriminations that I have because this shows mysteries have me in a bind, I will review the previous two episodes, one watched late because of finals (yes, that is cursing under my breath you hear) the other not reviewed on time for sheer laziness (it's vacation! Lay off!)

Episode six showed that they really are willing to kill cast... if somewhat incidental cast at that. But the whole hostage situation/prison riot that isn't all that it seems is nothing in my mind to the few little things that are dropped... the hint of immortality being achievable, I don't think that guy was a psycho, so how does that fit in? Because the more and more I think the only logical conclusion is purgatory... so immortality? Possible. But this then leads me to totally suspect Keats as the devil. The creepy whistling, and now, while I'm not saying he killed anyone... he did just watch. How can Alex trust him at all! Sure Gene hides stuff from her, but not for stupid reasons. Gene is protecting Alex, while Jim, he's just exploiting Alex and her sway over Gene. Alex's outfits did not strike me as good or bad this week, so I'm giving her a 7. Gene... Gene hasn't really been Gene so much these season, but walking into a prison unarmed and ready to kick some ass... a solid 9.

So Alex trusts what Gene tells her and then five seconds later goes back on it!!! This episode was one of the best yet most frustrating of the season! Gene tells Alex what he knows about Sam and a faked disappearance he helped arrange and with a slip of a picture from Jim, pictures that I'm sure Jim concocted, and she leave Gene in her bedroom. That's right!!! We almost had some Gene/Alex action and it all goes to hell! Plus Shaz, Ray and Chris trying to work out what's with the weird noises and stars... I want to know what's what now!!! Plus, the biggest thing in my mind? Nelson. I ALWAYS suspected him on Life on Mars. ALWAYS! Now he is somehow tied up in this. I don't care about these South Africans, who, granted, had a great plot and a great mysterious ending and gave Chris the "power" to be on a level plane with Ray and Shaz... but I want to know. Also those videos? Right, now my theory is that their previous lives are on them, what they were and when they were before they got wherever here is. This is going to be a long wait for me... somebody better get it up on YouTube and not spoil it for me. As for Alex, bitch gets a 1, you don't ditch the Gene Genie! Gene, a solid 9, just for his fixing the curtains at the funeral parlor, funny, yet, poignant.


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