Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vampires of Venice

Can I just say how much I'm in love with Toby Whithouse. Not only did he give us the wonderful Being Human, but now "Vampires of Venice!" He is likly to become the British Joss Whedon, he is the vampire man. But enough gushing about Toby, there's also the on location filming and the outfits and the guest stars. I think this might just be my favorite episode this season. It had an amazing filmic quality and the adding of Rory did not bog down the storyline, but added a humorous companion and allowed The Doctor to jump out of a cake instead of a stripper, who is diabetic. As is usually the case, nothing is as it appears. We have yet another race of stranded aliens who appear to be vampires, who only want to survive. What's interesting is this new Doctor is far less accommodating than Tennant's Doctor, and also a little more blase about the death's in his wake. Not that The Doctor has become callus, but that he has shielded himself more.... Also the performances of Helen McCrory as the leader and Alex Price, who was seen in Whithouse's Being Human, are so diabolically perfect. And the image of the Vampire Girls... I just am rambling, but this episode was wonderful. What did you think?


British Joss Whedon - must check this out!

"I had no idea space fish were so buxom." LOVE MATT SMITH!

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