Friday, December 27, 2013

Why Does The Doctor Endure?

Fifty years, now that shows endurance. With the rebooting of the regeneration cycle we can have a whole new slew of Doctors (see, I waited to write this till after the Christmas special). Even if the show goes fallow again like it did in the 90s, the fan base is strong enough to keep it going, to make a comeback feasible. But how is this possible? Why does The Doctor endure? A fan base cannot be the only reason. I feel it's a combination of two factors, people love the familiar, and people love something new. No matter when you turn into the show, in essence, it's always a mad man in a box. Yet the face might be a new one or an old one, the companion someone you don't know, or the writers putting a twist on it that you never thought and you hopefully agree with. The love and nostalgia of the familiar, and the hope of something new, because, right now, I do have hope, I have to, because I've just said goodbye to my Raggedy Man, and while I don't think it was the send off he deserved, he is now gone. The Doctor is dead, long live The Doctor. Perhaps for another fifty years?


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