Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Making a Doctor Who Christmas

I have a love of Christmas. It's not just the presents and the baking and the snow, but the festive air your house has when it's fully kitted out in it's seasonal regalia. When I was little I always thought that after the holidays in January, after the ornaments and garlands were gone, that the house looked barren and sad. Like the cold bleakness outside had somehow come indoors. But this could be because when I was little we took decorating for Christmas very seriously. I look back and think, how on earth did we have the energy to do THAT much decoration. Firstly, there was the big family tree and then the little kids tree that was just for me and my brother. But later themed trees started to make an appearance. There was the Teddy Bear Tree, the Nutcracker Tree, the Victorian Ornaments Tree (where I made all the ornaments myself), the Norwegian Tree, I think one year we might have even done a Simpsons Tree. These trees were on top of the Dickens Village and other such decorations, like putting an entire pine forest on the top shelves of the kitchen. Yes, as I say, I don't know how we did it.

Watching the Christmas episode of Doctor Who is now an institution in my family, the highlight of Christmas as it were. So The Doctor and Christmas are now irrevocably linked and it all ended with the question, how to make Christmas more Whovian? Therefore, seeing as themed trees are something I grew up with, I thought, wouldn't it be fun to do a Doctor Who Tree? This idea was germinating for about a year or so before I swung into action. I even had a Pinterest Board JUST for this tree. But last year I said, to hell with waiting, I want my Doctor Who tree now, dammit! Certain logistics entered into it, like cost. I mean, who has any spare money around the holidays? Also, last year was my Portfolio class, which is a money drain if ever their was one. So I strategized, how to do this right, and now, I will gift to you the lessons I have learned. And hopefully you will get the same results, which is people who doubted you going, "You know what? It is a pretty tree."


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