Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Where's a Doctor When You Need One?

The obvious fact arises, when making a Doctor Who Christmas Tree is that, well, you can't get around this point, but, there needs to be a Doctor, preferably, all the Doctors. This really cute "Eleven Doctors Mirco-Figure Set" came to my attention sometime last year. I thought it was really cute, but couldn't really justify spending the $40 on it. But then my Christmas tree had this Doctor need... so, well, I bought the set.

I mean, look how cute they are in the box. Look at Tom Baker's scarf! How could you not want to own all of them! Plus, they do more characters then just The Doctor, so if I ever wanted more characters from the Whoverse... well I'm set. Though two of my friends have been buying those little mystery packs and they have an inordinately large selection of Amy Ponds now and I don't think I could handle that...

When I opened the box I was happily surprised to see all the mini little sonic screwdrivers, and look, Sylvester McCoy has his umbrella! Oh, vegetation on Peter Davidson! Yes, I'm a dork and I happily admit it!

So how to turn these little guys into ornaments? Well, it's easier then you'd think. First take your little Doctor and an ornament hook. Pop off his head and bend the hook as shown. Place hook over circular plastic spinal column... would you call it that? Sounds a bit creepy, but plastic exposed neck area. Pop head back on and viola! Doctor ornament.

Repeat 10 more times.

Then hang them in your tree. They provide a nice color pop, especially Colin Baker with his ludicrous outfit. Also, it becomes a game when your friends come over... can they find all 11? Oh, I do hope they come out with a 12th this year so I'm ready for this years Christmas special!


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